Who Is Ashley Lightspeed

To be an architect just like her father is what Ashley Lightspeed envisioned when she was growing up. She enjoyed in her childhood age to accompany her father in their workstation where they sketched ideas and then made them real. Her craftsman and prototyping expertise can be traced back to her young age. It is amazing that today she has pivoted away from architecture but all the same she is now more involved in creation of the tomorrow of the business world. Follow Ashley Lightspeed on Twitter.

Growth and education

Ashley Lightspeed is a well-educated woman. She is a holder of master’s degree of business administration from Stanford University. She is also a degree holder of B.A visual and media studies, markets and management as well as in urban planning from Duke and Harvard University respectively. This is where she acquired the necessary skills to go along with her personal abilities.

Career and work

Success, creativity, determination is what can be used to define her almost perfect career. Before she joined Lightspeed Venture, she had worked with some big firms in USA. These firms include Bain and Company where she worked as associate consultant, Thumbtack Company where she worked as category manager. She is currently with Lightspeed Venture where she works with early stage startup businesses.


Ashley Lighthouse can be referred to as a powerhouse in herself. She possesses skills that make her to stand out. They include; the extensive knowledge she has and her love for coming up with new products, her unique and creative mind, her ability to spot and create a trend that picks and last long and finally her ability of a keen insight, seeing the invisible. These skills give her the ability to drive Lightspeed Venture without sweat. She tackles challenges as she lives her dream. For more information about Ashley Lightspeed, click here: https://medium.com/lightspeed-venture-partners/when-were-not-obsessing-about-investing-we-re-obsessing-about-hiring-266cf82a5905