Wes Edens Creates Caldera House in Jackson hole Ski Area

Forbes recently published an article on Wes Edens titled “Jackson Hole’s Newest Billionaire Hideaway: Caldera House” written by Ann Abel, a senior contributor at Forbes. Caldera House was created to be a ski town getaway for the developers as well as a remarkable hotel.

 Wes Edens was the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. He is also well known as one of the co-owners of the Milwaukee Bucks and his latest venture is the Caldera House. Many of his partners in Caldera House are his business partners and friends, all successful businessmen themselves. The team managed to buy prime real estate on the slopes of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

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 After six years in development and more than $100 million in design, construction, and infrastructure, the chalet is finally open for business. The chalet includes more than eight different suites and is designed to feel more like a home than a hotel suite. Each suite has a kitchen, dining area, living room alongside the typical bedrooms. More than half of the rooms are 5,00 square feet with four bedrooms and a hot tub on the terrace. The others are smaller at 1,500 square feet with only two bedrooms. Each one is designed differently to reveal different aesthetic blends. Some are designed to have a mix of American craftsmanship with several Western touches including saddle leather on the headboard. It also mixes in the aesthetics of Scandinavian interior design.

 The Caldera House wasn’t designed for billionaires, however. Instead, it was created for the local community. They have the South Cable Café and the Old Yellowstone Garage which are all priced at a more moderate level. The Old Yellowstone Garage is one of the leading restaurants in the area with the celebrity chef Paulie O’Connor who led the restaurant for many years before being forced to shut it down. The Caldera House investors wanted the restaurant to return for their guests and they have helped O’Connor bring back the restaurant. He uses Italian classic dishes paired with seasonal produce and unusual cooking techniques.

 The creators of the Caldera House wanted to create an experience for their guests, which is why they included backcountry skiing experiences with a National Geographic photographer and an Olympic skier.

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