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Gold Investments. Matt Badiali Says, “It’s Time.”

With the price of gold nearing $1,300 per ounce, Matt Badiali advises investors to seriously consider buying stocks in gold mining. Why gold? Well, gold will always have high value in our society. Its resistance to corrosion, and it being the second best electrical conductor (silver is first), makes it a prime choice for electrical wiring and other similar works. It is also perfect for dentistry and orthodontics being that it is non-allergenic, chemically inert, and easy to work with. And, of course, its eye-catching shine, resistance to oxidation, and malleability make it the perfect choice for use in jewelry, sculpting, trimming, and fashion.

Gold even has some medicinal value, too. It has been used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, and recently, there has been medical research in to how gold can help treat certain types of cancer.

As you can see, gold investing is an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio with out taking to much risk. This is why Matt Badiali, a proven investment expert, strongly suggests not just seriously considering investing in gold mining, but purchasing gold mining stocks.

A graduate of Penn State University and Florida Atlantic University, Matt Badiali holds degrees in both Earth Sciences and Geology. He also studied Sedimentary Geology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Matt Badiali has around-the-world experience analyzing all types of geologic data and resource projects, and a first-hand approach to the way he performs his job inspecting mines and wells all around the world. He has personally inspected drilling crews and operations as he believes that making solid investments requires a personal, hands-on approach.

Matt Badiali is currently the Chief Resource Investment Expert at Banyan Hill Publishing and Geologist/Analyst at Stansberry Research. He has been to many locations around the world including, China, Turkey, Iraq, and Switzerland. His advice is trusted and valued by many people.

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