Steve Ritchie Apologizes the Right Way

After issues surfaced with Papa John’s, the company had to do a lot of damage control. Not only did they hurt their brand but they also hurt a lot of loyal customers because of the way they did things. They knew they messed up and they wanted to make it right for customers. As the CEO, Steve Ritchie saw it as his job to do something to help and make a difference. He didn’t want to sweep the issue under the rug and, instead, wanted to put it out there for people to learn more about. By bringing light to the situation and not shying away from it like some other CEOs might have done, Steve Ritchie knew just what to do to make it right. He focused his letter on making customers understand what he wanted to do and helping them see they were the ones who needed an apology. It was important to Steve Ritchie to help people understand what he could do and how he could make a difference.

When Steve Ritchie talks about helping make the company better, he knows there are a lot of things that can make a difference. He also believes things will continue getting better and people can grow from what they’ve learned in the situations. It makes him want to help people and give them more than what they’re used to. As a CEO, he always has a lot to say and a lot of things he wants to do to help them.

There are options people can take advantage of that might make the company even better. In the future, Steve Ritchie plans to make things easier for people and knows it will make things better for them. Steve Ritchie also knows there are a lot of things he can do that can change the future for the company. As he continues helping people and watching the business grow, he’ll understand how to make an impact on all the people he helps. It’s his goal to always find out what they can do to make sure the business is giving them what they want.