Sharon Prince And Grace Farms


Sharon Prince is a successful businesswoman who has done great work in managing Grace Farms. She heads the foundation and through her exemplary leadership skills, she has managed to take the foundation to greater heights. Sharon Prince Grace Farms is a reputable foundation that has received a lot of public support mainly because of the wonderful contribution it has made in society. Sharon Prince was raised in an environment where there lacked equality. Women were the most oppressed. Because of these, she sought to make a change in the society by using her role at Grace Farms to achieve this.

Through Grace Farms, she has been able to make an impact in the society by bringing equivalence to the people. Grace farms have also been able to achieve many other things. Sharon Prince was successful in forming a partnership with SANAA which successfully designed a River Building.

The building provided room for people to experience Grace and peace and provided a serene environment for people to get away and meditate. Besides this, the foundation greatly supports architecture and the great creative ideas of architects. In addition to that, Sharon Prince appreciates the environment and in her role as President of Grace Farms, she has successfully carried out many projects concerning environmental sustainability such as prevention of environmental pollution.

She has been able to close many deals with investors who have greatly supported her wonderful work in the society, in addition to that, she has been able to deal with many social evils such as human trafficking, violence against women and very many more. Read This Article for more information.

Because of this, Grace Farms together with its CEO Sharon Prince has received many awards. the foundation has also received a lot of support and funds from different organizations and companies which has greatly helped in carrying out the work in the society.