Securus Technologies Offering Unique Combination of Useful Inmate Communication Services

Securus Technologies has over the years become one of the most preferred companies in the correctional industry by the inmates as well as the law enforcement agencies and officers. It is because the services offered by Securus Technologies are economical, efficient, and most of all, user-friendly. The company is also known for coming up with some of the most innovative services in the correctional sphere, which were previously thought of to be impossible.
The company also has a resident customer service department and unlike other enterprises in the industry doesn’t outsource its customer services. It is one of the primary factors that have helped Securus Technologies to provide premium services to its clients at a low price. The company is known to be highly accessible, which is one of the leading qualities a service sector must possess.
One of the services that company recently launched for the inmates and which has also become hugely popular is the Anywhere Visit service. It allows the friends and families of the prisoners to schedule an online meeting with the inmate. The only requirement would be that the friend or family who wishes to schedule an Anywhere Visit must have a PC or a Laptop with a webcam. The connection with the inmate would be made over the secure network of Securus Technologies. It saves time for the friends and family of the inmate, who otherwise had to travel long distances to visit the jail.
One other service that has also proved be very helpful for the inmates is the money transfer service that allows the relatives of prisoners to send money within minutes from the phone itself using Securus mobile application. The Securus Mobile app is a one stop junction for all that the customer of Securus Technologies may need. Starting from funding the account to recharging or even registering a complaint, everything is possible over the mobile application specifically designed for inmates and their families by Securus Tech.