Robert Ivy: Using Professional Society Platforms to Provide Learning Materials and Tools to the Members of the Society

Professional societies don’t only provide networking and credibility to their members but they are also becoming highly engaged in training their members. They have assembled data and tools that are helpful in providing educational tips to their members. Some professions require constant learning so that individuals with that career can have the up to date knowledge and capability of performing duties in a particular manner. Professional bodies that understand more about their field of work have been hiring researchers who conduct both primary and secondary and come up with data that members of the society can familiarize with.

The organizations have gone further to develop learning platforms such as the society websites where members can easily access learning materials and equip themselves with knowledge and skills about the current trends in the industry. However, the data on the website can only be accessed by the registered members of the organization. Each member of the society is provided with login details, which they use to access the learning materials on the website. Others go ahead and make private social platforms where only the members of the society will be able to access the learning materials posted on the platform.

Monthly Newsletters have also become common tools for providing sufficient knowledge to the members of a particular society. Most of the professional societies have a monthly newsletter that is automatically sent to the members of the society at the end of each month. Some newsletters can be after three months or an agreed period. Besides providing sufficient information about the progress of the society, the newsletters contain information that is made to meet the specific needs of members of a particular society. Visit

About Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is a registered architect who currently heads the American Institute of Architects as the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of the organization at the same time. He has a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in English and a Master’s in Architecture. Robert Ivy has played a key role in helping the AIA expand and become a relevant professional society in the industry. The organization has more than 87, 890 registered members including Robert Ivy, who is the CEO. Follow him on Twitter

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