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NexBank: Premiere Banking Solution

NexBank financial is a popular Dallas, Texas bank with services nationwide. Their goal is to provide their customers with technologically advanced financial services that ditches traditional forms of banking. You have the option of a user-friendly interface that allows you to navigate your account online. Trust their team of professionals to assist you with your account 24 hours a day. Your money is backed with billions of dollars in assets and government backed insurance. They pride themselves in giving you access to your account from anywhere around the world with iinternet access. Build a responsible financial goal and meet those goals right away.

Preferred NexBank Services

– online bill pay

– direct deposit

– no fee ATM’s

– premium financial services

– diverse banking

– financial technology experts

There are thousands of customers that have been able to use the NexBank features and services to successfully control their finances. In fact, they have been able to create a college savings program that has been able to protect your personal, commercial, and industrial accounts. You’re invited to join the popular NexBank family and you can save more of your hard earned money today.

Jim Toner’s Gives Advice to Potential Entrepreneurs

Jim Toner is someone who has been on both sides of the financial spectrum. His current position as a 25-year entrepreneur and real estate investor makes his word worth listening to. He believes the post-recession years are rich in opportunity potential. A recent article on the website Release Fact, Jim Toner discusses how someone should navigate the modern financial market.

Right from the start, Jim Toner cites attitude as the main driver for a person’s success. The outlook of the market, or the success potential, all lies in the eye of the beholder. Overall, you are just a single person. Many entrepreneurs need a team to truly cultivate ideas and bring them to life. If a person has the right group of people, the potential is real to tap into the market due to current low prices.

According to Crunchbase, as an individual, you need to be fit and mental sound to have a better chance of succeeding in the industry. Not only does it feedback into the attitude component, but generates better decision-making processes, and clear thinking. Laughter is also strongly encouraged. It keeps a person’s mind in check, while reading is great for mental health. At the end of the day, knowing what you want and believing in yourself are the foundations to getting to the end goal.

During the last part of the article, Jim Toner gives a few pieces of personal advice. First and foremost, he strongly suggests to never quit no matter what happens. There will be bad times, and that is just part of the experience. Next, learn how to sell your skills and personality. A person needs to be liked and respected by those he or she meets. Lastly, stick to a personalized schedule. This keeps the mind of track and allows a person to reach their full potential for that day.

Out of the many entrepreneurs in the world, Jim Toner is out there inspiring the next generation. His advice comes from the heart, and he hopes people can make a name for themselves in the years ahead. For more facts about Jim, check him out on Facebook.

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The Success of the DAMAC Premises with Hussain Sajwani

There is a saying that says that an investor is only as good as their networks. Well, the DAMAC Owner is worth a lot because one of his partners is Donald Trump. The two met when Trump approached the DAMAC Premises to help with the construction of the Golf Course Club which ended up a success.

The relationship between Trump and Sajwani has brought a lot of debates in the state. Sajwani was among the 800 guests who celebrated the New Year’s Eve with Trump as well as celebrated his victory. Trump acknowledged his presence by saying that the titan and his beautiful family were present. His son also took a lovely photo of the family to the social media.

Donald Trump is allowed to have friends and dine with his friends. An inner source confirmed that they were no business deals discussed. Hussain Sajwani is however not worried. He says that Trump assuming the presidential position will not affect their partnership because Trump’s children are much involved in the businesses.

According to Forbes, the DAMAC premises is the most prominent successful real estate developer in Dubai, CIS and the Middle East. It is known for the production of quality products and excellent customer services to their clients. According to Hussain Sajwani, the firm has been successful as a result of seeing the changes and accepting them. For example, they were able to see the financial crisis and escape it.

Hussain Sajwani is a great humanitarian. He recently helped cloth 50000 children through his contribution of AED two million. He encouraged other people in the function to help improve the life of the children because they are the leaders of tomorrow. More info about this can be read on his website.

Hussain Sajwani says that his life has been very fulfilling. He admits he has made some wrong decisions at some point in his life. However, he says that was part of the process. He does not have any regrets. It is through the mistakes that he has been able to impact the nation. This is one of the most indispensable lessons that we can learn from the great investor.

Last but not least he is a family man because he believes it is equally important.

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Jim Toner Help People Gain Freedom by Developing Risk Taking Mindset

Brian Harris’ recent article, “Jim Toner Guides You to Financial Freedom in the New Economy” published by Release Fact, discusses the real estate investor and entrepreneur’s guide to succeeding as an entrepreneur.

After working in the trenches of the real estate investment world for more than a quarter of a century, Jim Toner understands what it takes to succeed. The financial freedom and independence many Americans crave can be gained. It won’t be easy, but it can be done according to Jim Toner. He suggests that it is possible to go from broke to successful in only a few short years.

One important step to financial independence is by quitting your job. Though Toner does not suggest you do that right away or without planning, Toner reveals that only working for yourself will enable you to enjoy the financial freedom. He suggests that the stable employment people associate with working for big companies is all but gone. Toner reveals this is a new economy where being an entrepreneur, taking complete control of your own finances is the most important experience in the road to financial freedom. Though quitting will always feel like a risk, Toner suggests that it is riskier to remain in a financial system where you have no control. In order to reach financial freedom, one has to have a high risk tolerance.

Toner also reveals the importance of being honest with yourself when beginning your financial journey, even if it is the harsh realization that you are not where you want to be. It is important not to deceive yourself about the situation. Instead, the truth can help you understand the path you need to take to get to the life you want. However, despite the brutal honesty necessary for beginning, Toner suggests that you can’t ever quit. Failure is simply a part of the process. It is the persistence that allows entrepreneurs to gain success. The hardships are worth it in the end

Jim toner also reveals the importance of learning sales. Sales is at the heart of everything and you are selling any time you are communicating with someone, whether you believe you are or not.

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3 Reasons Why Lime Crime Is This Generations Favorite Beauty Line

First off, I would like to begin this article by expressing my gratitude for there being such a person like Doe Deere in existence. That being said, I have compiled only a few of what seems to be infinite reasons as to why her beauty line, “Lime Crime” is this generation’s top pick. Doe Deere’s beauty line began in 2008 after the realization that there was a surprising lack of color. That’s when she decided to come up with her own beauty line and in doing so, completely revolutionized the industry with massive use of vibrant and brilliant color. So, without further adieu, here are the reasons why Lime Crime is this generation’s favorite.


#1. Doe Deere Herself


It’s not everyday that a person like this comes around. With her innovative mind, entrepreneurial perspective and an uncanny ability to take action on the best opportunities, Doe Deere has managed to create something extraordinary. She has managed to make her line “Lime Crime” reflect her attitude towards life. This artistic woman is all about color and self-expression. This successful entrepreneur was able identify a problem that was intrinsic to an area in her life that she is passionate about – the lack of color. She used this information to take on her entrepreneurial endeavor of making what started off as a cosmetics line, “Lime Crime”. Her compassionate nature allowed her to not only make the most of a niche market, but also to do it in a way that was animal and vegan friendly. This colorfully charismatic character uses bright, bold, and vibrant color as a way to more freely express herself. She believes that makeup should not only be limited to covering up imperfections, but is also as an instrument of freedom and self expression. If she had one piece of advice to give to her younger self, it would be, “to not be afraid of makeup and hair colour. It will set you free.


#2. The Nostalgic Approach


This is most likely influenced by her own personal experience as a child. Some of palette’s are in a “Polly Pocket” design and has sparked nostalgia for all who were girls of that generation. It is also cute and colorful, so any woman will love it even if they are some how not familiar with the reminiscent designs. A vibrant, vegan, and animal friendly nostalgic makeup case. What’s not to Love?


#3. The Organic-ness Of It All


As previously mentioned, her beauty line contains no chemicals, animal products, and is most definitely not tested on animals. This comes as a solution to the many people who loved using makeup to express themselves, but had to stop due to the manufacturers of the time’s less than acceptable ways of producing the mainstream makeup. They were getting boring anyway. Doe Deere has used the pain, healed it, and turned it into an inspiring phenomenon. No cute little rabbits are ever harmed in the making of this young, artistic entrepreneurs beauty line, “Lime Crime”. Thank You.


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Sightsavers Gives Ugandan Seniors an Eye Exam with Their Government Pension

Thanks to international nonprofit Sightsavers, eye exams are now being offered to Ugandans over 65 when they come to collect their pensions. Access is always a difficult issue when it comes to the work that nonprofits do, especially when it involves international organizations. It’s difficult enough to raise money and create models of service that adequately address unique cultural challenges, but sometimes the real challenge is dispensing those services to the people that need them.

In partnership with the Ugandan government’s Expanding Social Protection program, as well as other development partners, Sightsavers is developing points of service in locations that naturally attract their target populations. By providing eye exams (and subsequent referrals for treatment) alongside pension disbursement, this coalition of initiatives will dramatically increase access to their programs.

The Expanding Social Protection program is part of a long-range effort to alleviate age-related poverty in Uganda. At its most basic, the program provides Ugandans over 65 years of age with a pension. Even on its own, this appears to be an effective measure. But in partnership with Sightsavers, the government would like to address specific issues related to the intersection of age and disability. The power of the pension to affect quality of life cannot be distributed evenly upon the target population when issues like disability severely impact an individual’s ability to effectively employ financial assistance to his or her benefit.

For the Ugandan government, this partnership with Sightsavers helps to address the intersections of disability, age, and poverty. For Sightsavers, this partnership is a unique opportunity to serve the organization’s main goal: to eliminate avoidable blindness and promote the rights of people with disabilities. Not only will the nonprofit’s services become more accessible, but they will also be able to target the segment of the Ugandan population most vulnerable to vision impairment and its consequences.

Sightsavers was founded in 1950 as the British Empire Society for the Blind by Sir John Wilson, an Oxford-educated lawyer who was blinded as a child. Within a year, the organization was operating in six countries. Since its inception, Sightsavers has fought for the rights of people with disabilities internationally. This latest initiative is a stirring example of the changes they’ve made in our world, and it also presents an object lesson in the power of synergy between nonprofits and government initiatives.


Sean Penn Shifts Careers with “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

What’s Sean Penn’s primary occupation? Even a casual follower of the entertainment industry would point out Mr. Penn’s an actor. While he’s certainly known as an actor, Sean Penn involved himself in other creative endeavors. One such venture involves a new turn as an author. Penn crafted the satirical novel “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” The release of the novel shows Penn possesses a multitude of talents, and he may be expanding his writing career while spending less time in front of the camera.


Not too surprisingly, there’s a political slant to “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” Sean Penn has long been known for his political activism. Criticism of President Donald Trump not so passively finds its way into the prose. Don’t expect a lecture though. The dark humor of the novel keeps it engaging. And the humor is dark. Poor Bob Honey lives the life of an assassin. While his profession certainly is atypical, he does try to live a normal life. The emphasis here is on the word “try.” Professional killers don’t exactly find it easy to live a normal existence.


Actors won’t find it easy to shift into the career of an author. Sean Penn seems to be doing it fairly well. He spoke at length about his desire to shift away from his traditional Hollywood role and try something new in life. Penn likely will return to Hollywood in some capacity in the future. He wants to pursue a directing career. Right now, the actor-turned-author seems interested in pursuing other career endeavors.


Creatively, a professional entertainer can become burned out with his/her career. Things change over the decades and people want to try new things. A more mature Sean Penn sees to prefer displaying his other talents. As “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” proves, he does have a talent for writing.

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The Business Life of the Great Hussain Sajwani

The success of the DAMAC Properties is known in the whole of Dubai, the Middle East and Africa. It is associated with the astute management skills of the DAMAC Owner, Hussain Sajwani. The firm helps in property development and commercial property as well. The clients of the foundation are satisfied with the services they get from the company. Their customer care services are amazing. In fact, Sajwani has been seen giving his clients gifts like Lamborghinis after buying apartments. This is, however, not a surprise because his net worth is approximated to be $4 billion.

Hussain Sajwani says that he grew up learning the tricks of running a business from his father. When he was in the University, he began selling timeshare apartments. Two years after employment, he realized that he could earn more money if he let others work for him. He began his catering venture, which is currently serving more than 150000 meals every day.

In the 1990s, there was population inflation in Dubai as a result of the business persons in Emirates. He built some hotels to accommodate the investors. In 2002, Sajwani felt real estate was a venture that needed to be explored in Dubai. In effect to this, he began DAMAC Premises.

According to, Hussain Sajwani has had some tough moments in business as well. He says that his job as a GM was the worst job he has ever done. He explains that it involved paying contractors and it was very demanding. He, however, learned something from the job. He realized that if given a chance, the employees had great ideas that could change the face of the business. He also learned the value of money and time in business.

Bringing ideas to life is probably the hardest part of a career. Many people only create castles in their heads. Hussain Sajwani says that his inspiration comes from visualizing the face of Dubai in two decades time. If he realizes that something has potential, he gives it all his energy to bring it to life. He says that the fear of failure must be escaped: putting aside the fear has helped him accomplish a lot in his career.

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Ryan Seacrest: Man of Varied Gifts

Ryan Seacrest is a man with a lot on his plate these days. Not only is he the host of shows like American Idol and Live with Kelly and Ryan, he has his own production company as well as his own clothing line. Ryan Seacrest is a man of many talents and here are just a few of them.

Including those mentioned above Ryan Seacrest is also one of the most popular radio personalities. He has a weekday radio show called On Air with Ryan Seacrest and the Sunday show called Top 40. Both shows are syndicated across the United States

Ryan Seacrest is also very busy with other shows for other networks. Some of the shows he is currently working on are Keeping Up with the Kardashians for the E! network, Shades of Blue for NBC, and Insatiable for Netflix. These are just a few of the shows helmed by Ryan Seacrest Productions.

If that weren’t enough for him Seacrest also emcees red carpet specials for the E! network and he hosts Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest.

Seacrest also makes sure to do his fair share of charity work as well. His main focus is on youth and helping them make positive decisions for their lives. He helps kids in the hospital feel better by allowing them to take tours of Ryan Seacrest Studios and exposing the children to the mediums of radio, television, and new forms of media. He also serves his community by sitting on the board of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. He is an honorary chair of the Grammy Foundation as well.

As mentioned in an article at, Seacrest also has his own skincare line and has deals with stalwart companies like Coca-Cola and Ford. Doing all of these things at once makes him a man of varied gifts. When he commits to something he does so completely without reservation. He is doing what he loves to do and helping many people as he can at the same time.

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Jed McCaleb Predicts a Bright Future for Cryptocurrency

Jed McCaleb is the Chief Technical officer at Stellar. is a website dedicated to the use of technical expertise to improve the human condition across the board. It provides a trusted platform that secures online currency and transactions that are related to the same. Jed McCaleb is the brains behind the eDonkey filing system. eDonkey had a major impact in the file sharing realm during its time. While the eDonkey wind was still blowing, Jed McCaleb came up with Mt. Gox.

Career Background and Growth of Jed McCaleb

He is one of the leading technical experts in the online currency transaction circles. Before Stellar, Jed was the brains behind Mt. Gox. He was one of the power behind the growth and spread of Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency. Mt. Gox was the first Bitcoin exchange. Stellar Development Foundation was founded on the premise that there are many people out there without the needed resources to start any substantial business, even to participate in the digital currency exchange. Apart from digital currency development, Jed McCaleb is currently one of the main advisors in the MIRI research that focuses on artificial intelligence. The main aim of starting is to try and make digital currency as reliable and trusted as actual hard cash.

The Blockchain Trends

Global digital payments are moving into new grounds. Blockchain technology is changing the way online cash is running. The blockchain is taking over the world of digital transactions. It is disruptive, and like other disruptive technologies, it will not happen without opposition. However, the world is headed in the blockchain direction. Blockchain technology is already having disruptive effects on stock markets and fundraising platforms. According to Jed McCaleb, the coming years are going to be full of disruption. The world will have to learn to deal with emerging technologies that change the way people think, work and operate. One such technology is the work that Stellar looks to do with the online payment system. Indeed, Bitcoin is already creating ripples in financial institutions across the globe. It was also resisted and continues to face opposition from a wide range of quarters. According to Jed McCaleb, the cryptocurrency world will grow and gain even more trust in the coming days.

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