Freedom checks : Too good to be true or investors most well-kept secret?

Getting closer to retirement? Are you worried that your 401K and social security might not be sufficient enough to maintain your lifestyle? It’s okay, you’re not alone, however, there is a way to increase your potential earnings before and during treatment. You might have heard about freedom checks on the news or online investment articles and the incredible returns that people are seeing from their investments. We’re here to confirm that the hype is real. Here’s a guide on navigating freedom checks and how to get the most of them.

First, we need to talk about the man who first coined the term Freedom checks, Matt Badiali. Matt was at first seen as a voucher ready to take peoples money, however, after the public began seeing his research in coal mines, oil fields and other sources of fuel deposits, any and all suspicious turned into respect and trust. The fact is that Matt Badiali was taking advantage of a little-known tax-code (Internal Revenue Code title 26, subtitle F) which offers companies the incentive of not having to pay taxes in turn for bringing their business to American areas where natural resources can be derived. How does this make you money? Due to the incentive of not having to pay taxes, companies are then able to produce better revenue which in turn produces larger than average returns for investors. Freedom Checks Versus Trump Bonus Checks.

Are freedom checks legal? Yes, they are 100% legal to obtain and invest in. As stated before, savvy investors in the past have taken advantage of this tax code which works great with MLP’s or Master limited partnerships. It’s understandable that many in the investment world have not heard of MLP’s, in fact, they are one of the most well-kept secrets due to their incredible rate of returns. Now, like any investment, there remains the same amount of risk as any other stock or bond purchased, however, what separates these from common investments are the above-average returns that are offered year after year.

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Paul Herdsman’s Advice For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Succeed


Experienced entrepreneur Paul Herdsman knows how to take care of business. Paul Herdsman is the co-founder and COO of NICE Global, which is based in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Paul was actually born in Jamaica, but moved to the United States years ago. He lives in Boca Raton, Florida where he takes care of the daily operations of his company.

Now that Paul Herdsman has experienced what it takes to build a successful company, he wants to impart some good advice on people who are looking to become successful entrepreneurs. When looking to hire employees, hire the best. Find the most talented, dedicated, resourceful people you can get your hands on. This will ensure your path to success.

Once you have hired these awesome people, make sure your employees know and truly understand their job. Paul Herdsman invests in his employees with continual training. This way your company can run smoothly and can eventually reach success sooner than later. Paul also advises employers to reward employees who do a good job. This will give them and other incentive to do their best for your business. It is a win-win situation.

Mr. Herdsman knows if he has happy employees, clients will take notice. This in turn is crucial for your company’s success. If a work situation feels contentious and unwelcoming, employees are not going to be happy about coming to work. Paul wants his employee to feel like they are a big family and that they are valued. Go Here for more information.

Although they are focused on a goal, Paul Herdsman likes to keep it light and fun. One of the biggest pieces of advice from the successful entrepreneur is to solve a problem for customers. When you can find a solution, then you have a leg up on competition. Give people what they want and success will follow.


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Charlamagne Tha God: Bringing The Bakari Seller’s Story To The Theaters


With the midterm elections pacing up, Charlamagne Tha God will be the executive producer for the new documentary that looks back at a midterm campaign from the last election through his production company; CThaGod World LLC.

The film will focus on the life of Bakari Sellers who was the youngest black candidate to enter the South Carolina House of Representatives 12 years ago. After she served for two terms, she later stood for the lieutenant governor seat in the same South Carolina state.

The focus of the entire documentary would be on her rather self-reclaiming campaign dubbed, While I Breathe, I Hope. The film will recount the challenges faced by the Democrats with special emphasis on the black female politicians in South Carolina.

The film will feature Seller who runs for state office to become the first Democrat to be elected in the South Carolina state. This would mark a moment in history as it dates back to the 1870’s when the first African-American held the same office in the South Carolina State.

The film was directed and produced by Emily Harrold who hails from South Carolina. The film is set to have its first world premiere in October during the New Orleans Film Festival.

Celebrated public figure Lenard McKelvey, better known as Charlamagne Tha God is best known as the acting co-host of the Breakfast Club radio show. Apart from being a radio host, he also has been involved in a couple of television shows, music-related releases, movie features and public appearances.

Charlamagne Tha God grew up in the world where victims’ rights were at the center of the societal and cultural change. He was born in 1978 in South Carolina.

The adoption of the name ‘Charlamagne’ brought along a mass following coupled with his unbiased and straightforward interviewing styles with rap and hip hop stars. After first hosting the Breakfast Club Radio show back in 2010, the show elevated his status in society and so did his career. Go To This Page for additional information.

He juggles between various tasks including cost hosting gigs, MTV and the MTV2 programming together with a first selling book. Charlamagne has cemented his status and become a fundamental staple when it comes to the pop culture.


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Looking at Equities First Holdings- Daily Forex Report

The deal with Equities First Holdings- Daily Forex Report

There are many legit loaning companies throughout the globe that offer good services to those in need of quick funding. One good loaning business that is a good start to look at would be banks. Banks are able to provide good, quick loans for those looking to startup a business. However, one must be able to probably mind their credit in order to gain a loan. Aside from banks being seen as an ideal choice, there are other good options to choose. Equities First Holdings is a loaning company that has been around since 2002. This alternative loaning company has been able to rival banks with its good loans that it provides to clients. It does not focus to harshly on the credit score of their clients as they will be able to assist regardless, whether it is good or poor.


Steve Ritchie Apologizes the Right Way

After issues surfaced with Papa John’s, the company had to do a lot of damage control. Not only did they hurt their brand but they also hurt a lot of loyal customers because of the way they did things. They knew they messed up and they wanted to make it right for customers. As the CEO, Steve Ritchie saw it as his job to do something to help and make a difference. He didn’t want to sweep the issue under the rug and, instead, wanted to put it out there for people to learn more about. By bringing light to the situation and not shying away from it like some other CEOs might have done, Steve Ritchie knew just what to do to make it right. He focused his letter on making customers understand what he wanted to do and helping them see they were the ones who needed an apology. It was important to Steve Ritchie to help people understand what he could do and how he could make a difference.

When Steve Ritchie talks about helping make the company better, he knows there are a lot of things that can make a difference. He also believes things will continue getting better and people can grow from what they’ve learned in the situations. It makes him want to help people and give them more than what they’re used to. As a CEO, he always has a lot to say and a lot of things he wants to do to help them.

There are options people can take advantage of that might make the company even better. In the future, Steve Ritchie plans to make things easier for people and knows it will make things better for them. Steve Ritchie also knows there are a lot of things he can do that can change the future for the company. As he continues helping people and watching the business grow, he’ll understand how to make an impact on all the people he helps. It’s his goal to always find out what they can do to make sure the business is giving them what they want.

The Daily Success Of Roseann Bennett


The best doctors are individuals who treat all patients with respect, and do everything in their power to help them improve their lives. Roseann Bennett is one those doctors, and her practice in located in New Jersey. She is an accomplished therapist with degrees from several noteworthy schools and programs. Her claim to fame was helping to create the Center for Assessment and Treatment. Now with a decade of experience, she sits down for an interview online to elaborate on her career.


A typical day in the life of Roseann Bennett goes through a variety of activities. The day begins with a computer check. She catches up with employees and clients about the daily operations and any relevant issues. For better or worse, she takes pride in her work ethic of always staying on top of work at all times. By the middle of the day, she is in the office working directly with clients, or pushing the company forward to the next step. Running a business is a marathon, and an individual must remain focused. See Related Link for more information.


The medical industry can be stressful between hearing the stories of clients, and researching the newest technologies. Roseann Bennett is careful to pace herself throughout the day. She regularly takes brakes to walk around and clear her head. She finds these habits keep her thinking primed during the day. Similarly, she approaches work with old school methods. She is famous among her peers for using classic pen and paper for note taking. It aids her concentration and mental skills in a situation.


Once the day is over, Roseann Bennett takes a step back and updates her planner. She likes to stay organized and re-evaluate which tasks need to be completed when. Bennett’s practice is a very popular location for clients of all backgrounds.


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The Seal Award Goes To

How Got Its Start, also known as Jingdong is the largest e-commerce company in China. has humble beginnings; the company was created out of necessity. Richard Liu is the creator of, and he is an innovator who was always looking for ways to improve his company and its products. Liu started out only selling optical products, and his company grew to have 12 stores.

In 2003, there was a SARS outbreak in China that left Liu with a shortage of workers and customers. Liu wanted to keep selling his products, but he did not want to put anyone’s health in danger. He had the idea to sell his products online instead of at stores, and that idea is what made Jingdong take off. Liu was able to close all of his stores within 2 years. seemed to have a life of its own, and Liu became one of China’s richest entrepreneurs. Go To This Page to learn more.


How received the SEAL award

Recently, The corporate blog published an article about Jingdong. Jingdong ships products to 99% of China. Apart from being a company that is efficient, it is also environmentally conscience. has invested much time and expense in its recycling efforts.

Jingdong recently launched the “Green Stream Initiative”. The new initiative to deliver products in the reusable green boxes has been welcomed across the industry and is expected to be replicated by other companies soon. It is necessary that the companies try to find ways to reduce carbon emissions and Jingdong has been trying innovative ways to be one of the eco-friendliest companies out there.

Their recent step in the article “ Launches New Reusable Package Initiative” is a big one. It signifies that the company has put their full force behind making the company a truly environmental company.

It created the largest recycling initiate in the country. This initiative covers a large number of cities in China, and it has allowed over 1 million articles of clothing and 400,000 toys to be recycled. This recycling project has gotten attention from various companies around the world that are sure to follow’s positive example.


The Future of / Jingdong

JingDong is moving up. It is publicly traded; it’s shares are doing extremely well, and they have been climbing. Richard Liu wants his company to be the number one e-commerce company in the world, and at the rate that it is growing, it is a real possibility.


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The OSI Group McDonalds Relationship and President David McDonald…

OSI & McDonalds have been at it for Some Time…

The OSI Group McDonalds relationship really began back when OSI was called Otto & Sons. They had grown from one Iowa farm into a giant local business at this point. They had locked themselves into a form of freezing technology that Ray Kroc was demanding his restaurants have access to for their respective supply chains. What started as a verval agreement has turned into a business relationship that spans international proportions. One entity always seems to have advantage to offer the other. David McDonald is the perfect president for OSI Food Group. No matter how one feels about the OSI Group McDonalds relationship, it would prove to be quite difficult to argue against this fact.

David McDonald: OSI’s Perfect Candidate for President…

If one is to view the college experience of David Mcdonald, he would probably ask if Dave was training for OSI president from day one! Beginning as a farm laborer himself, David studied a combination of agricultural sciences and also business. His goal was to always combine his love of the two, surely. Turning himself into the perfect person to run OSI, especially at the height of the OSI Group McDonalds relationship, was likely a happy accident.

I’ve heard that David helped OSI overcome Infrastructure Challenges in China; what’s that Mean?

Developing countries, such as China, will always have issues that make things difficult for Multi-national Companies. A lack of infrastructure, or outdated infrastructure is the best possible example. In a recent interview, David expressed the type of attitude that helped contribute to OSI Group Mcdonalds success in China. David confesses, it took true relationship forging, and also a great deal of patience, to overcome this issue. It seems that OSI and McDonalds are cooking with fire in China now.

David Remembers who really Inspires Innovation…

When asked how OSI can help keep entrepreneurs innovative, David Mcdonald reminded the interviewer that it is the customer that keeps any company innovative. This makes sense seeing as how the whole point of doing business in the first place is the serve the needs of various types of customers.

Paul Mampilly Talks About Taking Wall Street To The Main Street

In the financial market, the difference between being a prey or a predator is usually having the correct information. According to Paul Mampilly, the stock and feature markets have no room for ignorance or misinformation and benighted investors always end on the blunt end of profitability. Mampilly, a household name in Wall Street, further adds that investors seeking to profit from the market must be dedicated to conducting detailed research and constantly updating themselves with the industry developments that have the potential of shifting the market equilibrium.

Market research

Having spent the better part of his career in Wall Street, Paul Mampilly advice traders to dedicate their time to market research. And while he may have left the hedge funds and concentrated on helping the average citizen make a fortune in the money markets, he still holds on the virtues that he believes to be crucial to succeeding in the stock markets such as successful trades.

However, unlike during his hedge fund days where he used this research to make better company decisions, today Paul shares these nuggets with his followers. The research and investment analyst is also publishing these tips on the Profits Unlimited newsletter that he founded after joining Banyan Hill Publishing back in 2016.

Mampilly’s publications

Profits Unlimited has become a popular read for more than average investors and subscribers to the newsletter. Through this publication, Paul Mampilly offers his audience a chance to benefit from his investment strategies and analysis by highlighting new investment opportunities every month.

He also posts a list of key stocks that he is following and recommends to his subscribers. Paul Mampilly’s main street takeover, however, doesn’t end here but also extends to advising traders on how to diversify their portfolios as a precautionary measure.

Apart from Profits unlimited, Mampilly also oversees True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes, two premium trading platforms, in addition to writing for the Winning Investor Daily. His transparency in stock trading has also seen him feature on business programs on Fox Business News, CNBC, and Bloomberg TV where he offers insight on the market performance and forecasts.

More about Paul Mampilly

Mampilly currently serves as the senior editor for Banyan Hilling Publishing. Before Banyan, he worked at Stansberry Research LLC as an editor of Professional Speculator. His experience in stock markets and trade was however honed during his tenure as a Portfolio Manager with Kinetics Asset Management LLC.

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Healthy Hair, Happy You

Our hair is important to us. If it wasn’t, there would be no such thing as bad hair days. We all want our hair to look good which gives us one less thing to worry about. More important than style is overall hair health and sometimes we sacrifice it. With the right products, and the right ingredients in those products, we can achieve both great looks and healthy hair.


Wen by Chaz Dean offers a line of products that promote healthy hair. Wen has developed something special with every woman in mind. Wen cleansing and conditioning formulas focus on caressing your scalp while gently cleaning the hair without stripping it and causing dryness. I guess you can say no strand left behind.


Ginger, tea tree oil, and lavender are a few examples of naturally stimulating ingredients in Wen products. With that being said, you don’t have to worry about mysterious chemicals causing you scalp irritation, damage, and breakage. In the information from, this is something we can appreciate as we become more aware of the benefits of more natural products.


What’s even better is that Wen has so much to offer! Wen has a page dedicated on how to use the product. With every option, including ones like Sweet Almond Mint and Pomegranate, comes a complete line of products that do not compromise great natural ingredients. So you get the healthy style that you’re looking for.


Ditch the ordinary and redefine your hair care routine. Make it something great-make it you. Healthy hair isn’t just what you want, it’s what you need. When your hair is healthy, you’re happy. Visit the website at for more information.