Market America: Faith Makes The World Go ‘Round

Reading through the Market America blog-book, you might be drawn to a column written by FAITH, who happens to be a service dog who works, wags, wiggles and warms-the-heart-of Sgt Terry White, PH IOF.

There are several “Fridays With Faith” columns posted, each of them cranking out a good-feeling vibe on behalf of the company and its legion of Unfranchise owners, who are keeping the faith in their own way. After all, it’s faith that makes the world go round.

This would be faith that the sun will come up tomorrow morning, that life is a series of choices, that someone up there loves us, if you go for that sort of thing. But faith also keeps us clicking. You need faith in yourself, in your family, your friends, your company – yes, your company – and your product line – yes, that, too – to be a success in the Unfranchise universe.

How many times are you asked if you believe in the product that you sell? And, certainly, you understand that selling is made fundamentally appropriate by salespersons who believe in their project. After all, there are snake-oil salespersons – using as politically correct a nomenclature as might apply to these disreputable types.

Long and the short: It takes a little faith to sell products with conviction, which means it would be a help to either A) Try every product you sell for a long enough term to figure out for yourself how to value a product or B) do as much research as you can on these products or C) allow the public to be your laboratory, carefully monitoring feedback from customers and evaluating sales numbers that tell you that millions of thrilled customers can’t be all wrong.

One thing snake oil salespersons are famous for – part of their job description that is sometimes overlooked — is to move around from place to place very quickly. This is not because they have a restless spirit, but because they want to stay a jump ahead of local law enforcement – Johnny Law if you will. So, they are here one day and gone the next – hasta la vista, baby, which literally means “until the view” another way of saying “until we meet again.”

So, what can you say about a company that has kept its headquarters in the same town – Greensboro, N.C. – since the day of its inception and now boasts an Unfranchise membership of thousands of individuals? The extraordinary company growth since 1992, growing from a Mom-Pop store in a garage to an international juggernaut – tells you these guys are here to stay.

This matters a ton. Anyone who signs sign onto a business plan of any kind wants to know the support, the supplies, the system, will be there tomorrow.

Furthermore, Market America is often described as a training company and frequently viewed as the best training company in the country, which might make it the best training company in the world.

Seminars, seminars, seminars … conferences, conferences, conferences … and an extravagant presence on the Internet devoted to helping Unfranchise owners find the learning opportunities suited for them provide their Unfranchise developers with substantial proof that this company believes in its products and its people.

There is another underlying principle that substantiates these claims, which is the often-heard company dogma that Market America is not a get rich quick scheme.

Everyone has heard the expression “too good to be true.” With that in mind, let’s leave it to the snake oil salespersons to try to convince you of claims that are preposterous.

Market America is bucking that trend by steadily adhering to its philosophy that this is a company in which hard work, devotion, and loyalty pay off, not signing on some dotted line on a contract you aren’t given the opportunity to understand. Hard work and overnight success are not great bedfellows. As such, the company is devoted to developing educated entrepreneurs who do understand what they are getting into and do have every opportunity to learn about their product line, which is backed by the line’s incredible popularity.

In the meantime, the company itself relies on producers who have credible, credentialed, scientifically-backed products that have undergone extensive peer-reviews from other credible, credentialed scientists.

This is how the scientific community operates and it recalls the fundamental scientific principles that students in U.S. public schools learn in middle school and high school.

Remember those science classes in which the chemistry teacher – or the general science teacher – had the student write down the tedious steps to a very simple experiment just to understand something about the process? Do you remember what that process was?

It’s very simple: The scientific process relies on experiments that can be repeated. It’s no use saying you discovered how to turn aluminum into gold if another credible scientist can’t replicate the steps you took and come out with the same conclusion.

Like a delicate recipe for a fancy bordelaise sauce – which takes a few days to prepare, by the way – every step of a scientific study must be replicable. In the scientific community, this is the process that is commonly referred to as known as subjecting your conclusions to a “peer review.”

Market America, meanwhile, looks specifically for companies that have subjected their product claims to a peer review. What’s the use of claiming that your acne medication works, just to use one example if another scientist cannot duplicate the claim with a study of their own?

What do you get when you have a product that is purchased hundreds of thousands of times by customers, who write rave reviews online and profess to be long-term, repeat customers, coupled with peer-reviewed studies that claim the product is scientifically sound? What you get is plenty of faith, baby, that what you are selling actually works. Combine all this with a company that sends representatives around the globe to educate Unfranchise entrepreneurs about their product lines and profess to have one of the most transparent companies in the world?

Well, that looks like more faith. Faith, as we know, makes the world go around.