Graeme Holm Focuses Debt Elimination Efforts to Future Building of Wealth

Graeme Holm began Infinity Group in a small office with no more than a couple of desks. The master broker who had tackled the finance market for ten years was moving into a new field. Instead of helping banks, which he had done for the Big Four, he was going to help struggled families buried in debt. He was going to use his expertise and revolutionize the debt reduction market. Since its founding in 2013 Infinity Group has done just that. The fastest-growing money management service in Australia, Infinity Group now has five offices, and a long list of satisfied customers. Its success born from a simple observation Graeme Holm made during his stint as an MBA Top 100 Broker.


Nobody actually helps people in debt. This was Holm’s startling revelation. The banks were not offering advice, and other debt reduction services only created a plan. No one went the extra mile to actually help debt-ridden individuals boost their financial health. For this purpose, Infinity Group goes the extra mile in the planning and execution of debt elimination strategies. The expert staff at Infinity take a very close look at finances, even down to simple gas and food expenditures. They formulate a plan that will save money and reallocate funds to paying off loans. They also implement the plan, offering constant support, advice, and service to clients. They check in constantly, offer goal incentives, and let clients feel that they are not alone. Infinity also switches their clients to a cash-only stipend. This eliminates credit and follows a main tenet of Holm, who is a staunch advocate of cash.


Infinity Group also continues with customers after their debt elimination. The company offers wealth generation, retirement planning, and property investment services as well. They care about client’s future as well as their past and present. They stick with clients to ensure that their financial health increases and they gain financial freedom. Their approach has an amazing success rate. 100% of their clients pay off a significant amount of their home loans in the first 3 months, other average out at least a $41,000 dollar debt elimination in the first year. Graeme Holm wanted to help people fight back against debt, and he not only did that he discovered a way to provide for their future.

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