Fortress Investment Group Sells its Shares to SoftBank

Twenty years ago, New York City residents started getting the services of a prestigious company going by the name Fortress Investment Group. The firm got its first office in this city. Operating in a small facility, the company set itself from the competition in the market by being unique, keeping the interests of the customers at the center of its operations. Unlike many companies that are owned and controlled by just one person, this private organization had several executives. These were all experts in the finance services department. Whenever there was a problem, the top executives, who served in the role of principals and co-chairmen would sit down and look for a solution as a team. The teamwork exercised by the group made it very prominent in the market. Visit

This has been one of the significant years at Fortress Investment Group. After experiencing growth and opening small offices in several places, the company has invited a different company to purchase its stocks. The chief executive officer of the company, Randal Nardone made a statement recently, addressing the acquisition process that was made possible by SoftBank. The experienced leader said that SoftBank had already completed the acquisition of the financial services firm in a deal that used more than three billion dollars. According to Nardone, the completion of the acquisition procedure means that SoftBank will now be the owner of the entire Fortress Investment Group share and its subsidiaries. There were several conditions that were set by the company when the whole process was started at the beginning of the year. All of the conditions are believed to have been met in the best way possible.

Fortress Investment Group executives, who have done well in the recent decade, have been the greatest beneficiaries of the deal. All of them were given a good amount of cash for the good work they have done since the company was brought into New York City. SoftBank has shown that it is a giant in the market because it was able to meet the financial demands that were set by Fortress Investment Group.