Chris Burch takes private equity a notch higher.


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Chris Burch is one of the most successful entrepreneurs the world has ever seen. Contrary to many people who work to become professionals or politicians, the legendary personality has his eyes on private equity business, see it here at ( This is a type of a venture where the owner of a firm forms an investment vehicle. From this vehicle, he injects capital which he or she uses to buy firms which according to his or her opinion have the capacity of becoming giants in the future. As such, these private equity firms own a stake in the firms they intend to buy and assume ownership of the firms partly. They do not only bring in the capital but also other aspects such as managerial skills, connections and the energy needed to drive such ventures forward. Chris Burch belongs to this class of modern-day entrepreneurs who are owning multiple investment vehicles in different sectors of the economy. He owns Burch Creative Capital. Here, Chris happens to be the Chief Executive Officer which gives him an upper hand when it comes to influencing decision making critical investment decisions. Chris Burch has more than four decades experience in the world of big business. This is what has assisted him to be a master in the world of big deals, mergers and acquisitions. His firm is based in New York. However, it has operations in many parts of the world where it continues to highly successful. In his business adventures, Chris employs a lot of critical reasoning and anal uses financial reports before committing his funds.

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