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Securus Technology Wireless Containment Solution Effective for U.S Jails and Prisons.

A Facebook Live video that most of us came across some time last year would not have aired had Evans Correctional Institute installed Securus Technologies WCS system. This view is also shared by the company and several other prisons and jails that have used the system and vouch for its effectiveness in identifying and disconnecting any unknown cell phone calls coming from prisons. The FCC vote to ensure that prisons all over the country implement a system that curtails the inmates’ ability to communicate with outside parties via contraband cell phones is also a welcome gesture from the government.


In an NBC report from November 2017, a former corrections officer on whom a hit was ordered from inside the institution he worked by inmates is featured. Johnson, who had worked in the corrections system for over a decade and a half miraculously survived the hit after being shot six times. For the last seven years, he has committed his time working as a consultant for Securus Technologies to ensure nothing like what happened to him ever happens again to anyone working in the correctional system.

Unfortunately for us, his is not the only hit that has been ordered from behind bars.


A nine-month-old was killed in his mother’s arms after an inmate asked his gang members to kill him. Securus Technologies’ Wireless Containment Solution effectiveness as a jamming tool cannot be denied. It ensures that unidentified calls from a prison system are intercepted and that the inmates only use the authorized and supervised modes of communication with the outside world. Their technology is an actual cell phone network that allows for only known cellphones to complete their calls while others that are not identified are intercepted and disconnected. Most importantly, 911 calls are among the calls that the Securus system lets through in the case of emergencies in the prison.


According to a recent Securus report, they reported having intercepted more than 1.7 million contraband calls from the few correctional facilities that are already using their technology. Let’s go back to the Facebook video I talked about. It showed an inmate displaying a knife. This could have been a veiled threat to someone maybe in the prison or outside. Securus assures us, that had their WCS system been in place we would not have had the horror of watching that video. Securus has made significant investments in the creation and operation of this system. With the FCC vote, there will be increased demand for their system. Now, numerous opportunities to partner with wireless carriers and more prisons and jails will come their way. Theirs is a welcome technology that ensures that those arrested are actually not a source of harm to society.


Securus Technologies, Focusing on the Customer While Advancing With Technology

If you happen to be unfamiliar with Securus Technologies, chances are, you’ve probably heard of their services. This company is based in Dallas, Texas, and, has over 30 years of experience. The company specializes in providing services to correctional facilities, and, their inmates. Products like video calling, and, email and texting are, just a few of the few of the items on their menu of products. They also provide food service, money transmitting, and, monitoring of inmates.


The monitoring service has received much praise, from nearly all parties involved. Call and video monitoring have assisted in prosecuting cases, and, also in investigations. Some of these matters may have gone unresolved if it hadn’t been for the monitoring services provided by Securus Technologies. The service has also been helpful in finding unethical employees, and, in preventing contraband from entering the facilities. The video chat service is also a favorite among family members. It saves them time and, money on travel. The calls can also be rescheduled, should there be a lockdown or, delay for any other reason. This makes life easier on everyone, and, nobody loses out.


Securus Technologies has also made great strides, in customer service. An over 95 percent customer satisfaction rating and, most customer service inquiries handled on one call, put them far ahead of the pack. The company also has been given an “A+” rating by the Better Business Bureau, which is a great accomplishment in itself, for, such a large company. Although Securus Technologies has grown significantly over the years, and, has acquired many other businesses, they continue to be customer focused. With the most recent acquisition of payment processing firm JPay, it’ll be interesting to see what technologies they come up with next. Securus is definitely a company to keep an eye out for, now, and, also in the future.


Securus Technologies Expanding and Enhancing their Range

Securus Technologies, Inc. is up to date one of the most popular companies to work in the industry of inmate communication as the company has been gaining authority in the field and working towards its growth for a few years now.


Primarily, Securus Technologies, Inc. is operating in the industry of security tech solutions. It provides tech products to correctional facilities and governmental businesses across the states of Texas and Georgia. In fact, the company of Securus Technologies, Inc. is currently serving more than three thousand institutions across the states including smaller and medium sized businesses that want to protect their offices and welfare from any corrupted staff members.


Securus Technologies, Inc. has an extensive range of services such as emergency response, public and private investigation, incident management, general information, analysis, as well as communication services, and many other offers. Thousands of businesses and facilities are taking advantage of the services as well as the tech and software that Securus Technologies, Inc. offers.


Up to date, Mr. Richard “Rick” A. Smith is on top of Securus Technologies, Inc. He is operating as the chief executive officer, and he has been doing a great job so far, Since he started working as the CEO of Securus Technologies, Inc., the company has been on a journey of streamlined expansion. The business has been directing capital and efforts towards acquisitions as well as making their products better than before. That includes enhancement and development of the range.


Securus Technologies, Inc. has a long record of customer satisfaction. The forums have been flooded with positive reviews of Securus Technologies, Inc, written by a variety of facilities as well as business owners. The company has made a big difference in the way business owners are taking care of the security of the businesses in terms of offices and business alike.



Securus Technologies Offering Unique Combination of Useful Inmate Communication Services

Securus Technologies has over the years become one of the most preferred companies in the correctional industry by the inmates as well as the law enforcement agencies and officers. It is because the services offered by Securus Technologies are economical, efficient, and most of all, user-friendly. The company is also known for coming up with some of the most innovative services in the correctional sphere, which were previously thought of to be impossible.
The company also has a resident customer service department and unlike other enterprises in the industry doesn’t outsource its customer services. It is one of the primary factors that have helped Securus Technologies to provide premium services to its clients at a low price. The company is known to be highly accessible, which is one of the leading qualities a service sector must possess.
One of the services that company recently launched for the inmates and which has also become hugely popular is the Anywhere Visit service. It allows the friends and families of the prisoners to schedule an online meeting with the inmate. The only requirement would be that the friend or family who wishes to schedule an Anywhere Visit must have a PC or a Laptop with a webcam. The connection with the inmate would be made over the secure network of Securus Technologies. It saves time for the friends and family of the inmate, who otherwise had to travel long distances to visit the jail.
One other service that has also proved be very helpful for the inmates is the money transfer service that allows the relatives of prisoners to send money within minutes from the phone itself using Securus mobile application. The Securus Mobile app is a one stop junction for all that the customer of Securus Technologies may need. Starting from funding the account to recharging or even registering a complaint, everything is possible over the mobile application specifically designed for inmates and their families by Securus Tech.