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Clay Hutson And Live Music

Clay Hutson is involved in the live music industry. He runs a company that plans out and designs events. Clay Hutson works with big-name artists in the industry, and has played a large role in many major tours. Much of his work revolves around shows having to do with the rock genre. Many years of experience in the live music industry prepped him for the founding of his company about ten years ago.

He frequently attracts clients because of his level of professionalism and commitment. Clay Hutson is highly organized and plans everything out in advance. Even the most minor tasks are given great priority. Every detail must be perfect in order for a show to run properly. If something goes wrong, it may put a huge dent in his career for the rest of his life. So, extra planning is done to ensure that shows look as good as possible and are their safest. Clay Hutson cherishes hard work and competence over great personalities. After all, people with great personalities but little to no competence cannot fulfill the goals of his company. In fact, people with little to no competence are a liability and a waste of money. Usually, the most skilled people are the ones who are the most motivated and passionate about the industry. It is ideal to have the most motivated, passionate people who are skilled.

Clay Hutson arrives early at each venue and plans out how to set up things. Time is of the essence, and cushions of time are very important. He sticks around as shows go on, planning how things will be set up, next. As shows roll on, he stands there, thinking of how his crew will quickly and effortlessly take everything down.

Clay Hutson believes that if any purchase has helped his business, it is the purchase of an iPhone. His iPhone has allowed him to keep track of and control his business better than ever. It also helps him when it comes to communicating with business contacts.