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Michael Nierenberg And The New Residential Investment

Michael Nierenberg who is the head and managing director at the fortress an organization that was founded in 1998 and which manages their assets for all their clients and investors worldwide has shown prowess in his management skills. Before joining the New residential he served at the bank of America Merrill as one of the managing directors and also as the head of the department of global mortgages and also as the head of security products. Below are some of the other companies he has worked for in his career life.

At the investment bank, he served as one of the managing committee’s member and was assigned as head of all worldwide securitized products.He was the head of interest rates, head of trade operations involving foreign exchange and many more leadership slots before joining the JP Morgan a company specialized in offering growing companies and private investors any capital they might require and all ranges of investors whether institutional or private all solutions they might require for their growth. Michael Nierenberg has also worked at the Lehman Brothers for seven years after working at the Bear Stearns where he helped in making the mortgages rates of the company adjustable.

The skills Mr. Nierenberg showed while working at all the companies and the knowledge, experience, and expertise always led to him being appointed as the director in most companies.

Michael Nierenberg of 55 years and the chairman, president of the fortress leads among other executives. There is a total of 9 executives Mr. Nierenberg included with five of the officials younger and the rest three older than him. The oldest; Douglas Jacobs is aged seventy and is an independent director who helps the company in growing its credibility and standards in matters of governance.

The Residential investment is a corporation that is focused on the investment and management of mortgages and related assets. Their specialty includes management of loans, servicing any residential security and related mortgages related assets. The corporation`s interest in its investment in security for real estates, mortgage loans for residents and their investments in consumer and gives the corporation a wider range of services they offer. Other investment executives include; Alan Tyson, Nicola Santoro, and David Saltzman among others.

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