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The Chainsmokers’ Incredible Rise To Fame

The Gorillaz are legends. The dance band took the world by storm more than a decade ago with catchy tunes from their album “Demon Days.” The album, as a testament to the Gorillaz’s popularity, has spent more than 13 years on Billboard’s top electronic dance albums chart. And it has spent an astonishing 34 weeks in the number one position over those years.

That’s why the latest feat of the Chainsmokers is so impressive. Their album, “Memories… Do Not Open,” dropped a little more than a year ago. It has battled with The Gorillaz while achieving the top spot 34 times. This ties the Chainsmokers with the Gorillaz for third-most time spent at the top.

This puts The Chainsmokers down in the history books. They are already as legendary as The Gorillaz and they managed to do it in just a year. It took the Gorillaz 13 years to achieve the same status. And it looks like the Chainsmokers will overtake The Gorillaz in the very near future.

The Gorillaz have slinked away from the limelight. The band members were never really comfortable with fame. It’s why they were always portrayed as cartoon characters. But the Chainsmokers are really leaning into their fame. They do interviews while touring the world and can often be seen in Vegas on the weekends. This relevancy should put them into the number one spot on the Billboard chart for best electronic dance albums yet again. This means they have a good chance of overtaking the legendary Gorillaz.

And it’s quite a remarkable feat for the DJ duo that almost never was. Founding member Alex Pall started The Chainsmokers in college with another friend. Meanwhile, current member Alex Taggart was graduating college and getting a job with Interscope Records. The two were introduced in New York City by a music manager. Then they went their separate ways.

That’s when Alex Pall’s buddy dropped out of The Chainsmokers. Alex heard of the break and quickly moved to New York to join the band. They dropped two EP records full of singles before releasing their first full-length that would break records.

Know More about the Musically Talented and the Chainsmokers Band Member—Alex Pall

The Chainsmokers Band has always enjoyed massive popularity in the music industry when it comes to live performances and excellent music productions, thanks to Alex Pall and his partner, Andrew Taggart. Alex Pall is also a well-known deejay, pianist, songwriter, and music producer. He hails from Bedford, but he was born in Westchester, New York City. His origin is of Jewish descent.

How his music career started

In an interview, Alex Pall stated that he started off his career as a painter working at a certain art gallery called Metro Pictures. Later in the evenings, he used to perform as a deejay in nightclubs around New York. He added that he used to entertain as a deejay in different parties. He narrated in the interview that together with the help of his friend, they joined hands in 2009 where they established and founded The Chainsmokers Band.

How he has been active in the band

Working together with his partner and friend, Alex Pall has had tremendous record deals, good music productions, albums, and single music releases. In 2014, the duo released a single called Selfie, which became their breakthrough in the music industry. Due to their persistence, the pair continued to make good music, and in 2015, they released several singles consistently including Don’t Let Me Down, Roses, and later in 2016, they released another hit song, Closer. Both songs became first in the chat.

Albums releases

Because of his skills and talent with the instrumentals, Alex Pall has always helped the band in making one of the best music melodies around the globe. In 2017 April, the Chainsmokers launched a debut album, Memories Don’t Open. The album became the first in the Billboard, which made it to be awarded platinum certification. In 2017, still, Alex Pall with The Chainsmokers Band was ranked to be in the list of the most paid DJs. Since its establishment, the band has released more than twenty two singles, extended play records, and an album. Alex Pall currently lives in California.