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Isabel dos Santos Currently Thriving as the Richest Woman in Africa

Today, women all around the globe are rising above the norm and unleashing their full potential than ever before. For instance, the Angolan businesswoman and entrepreneur Isabel dos Santos happen to be the richest woman in Africa. According to the 2013 report by Forbes, she had a net worth of more than 3 billion US Dollars, giving her the title of the first billionaire woman in Africa. Additionally, she recently appeared on BBC’s list of the top 100 most influential women all around the world.

Isabel dos Santos attributes her tremendous success to her consistent efforts towards greatness. She is the former chairperson of Sonangol, Angola’s national oil company. Her contributions to the Company effectively enhanced its transformation and excellent performance. For example, she hired BCG to help in the transition process of the Company in 2016 when serving as its Chief Executive Officer. The fact that she is the daughter of Angola’s late former President, Jose Eduardo dos Santos places her in a better position of succeeding, following her father as the role model. (ft)

Isabel dos Santos owns an electrical engineering degree from the London-based King’s College. Throughout her career journey, dos Santos has held top managerial positions in various companies, most of them appearing on the European Stock Exchanges Market. She makes substantial returns mostly from a wide range of business investments in high-profile industries both at home and across international borders. Some of her successful enterprises include the first ever nightclub and beach restaurant on Angola’s Luanda Island, the Miami Beach Club. She also boasts of numerous holdings in recent years.

Moreover, besides her great focus on entrepreneurship, Isabel dos Santos is committed to giving back to the society. She seeks to empower other women to greatness as well as making contributions for different philanthropic causes. Isabel also gives inspirational talks on various topics, for example, to the students of Yale University where she features as a guest speaker on multiple occasions and events.

As such, despite the numerous setbacks and comments from critics, Isabel dos Santos maintains her focus to bring out her best self. In any case, if you want to succeed you have to shun all the negativity that comes your way.