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Wes Edens Looks To Protect The Climate

The work of Wes Edens and his family to conduct research designed to investigate what is really going on with the climate of the planet has been ongoing for a number of years. A range of different programs for students at Princeton University to enjoy and conduct important research to protect the future of the planet. Wes Edens himself has shown a strong interest in green technologies through the News Fortress Energy business he has created to provide green liquified natural gas power to developing nations often beholden to larger economies for their utilities.

Wes Edens is best known to the majority of people in the U.S. as the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks NBA franchise which has benefited from his forward-thinking nature. Despite the small market in terms of the U.S. for the Milwaukee-based franchise to play in, Wes Edens made a promise to remain in the market and provide a new arena for the team to play in. Just four short years later, Edens is providing the success he promised on and off the court by turning acres of vacant land into a new entertainment district. View Wes Edens’s profile on Linkedin

Over the course of the last few years, Wes Edens and his family have headed up the climate change research program at Princeton University. The students and teachers of Princeton University have spent much of their time looking to complete internships and mentorships over the course of their time at Princeton University.

The college has become one of the leading programs for the Edens family who have seen a number of major investments take place over the Summer. The purchase of Aston Villa F.C. by Edens and Egyptian billionaire Nassef Sawiris for $39 million has allowed the club to look to a brighter future in the coming years. Sawiris and Edens both have experience in the U.S. sports investment markets and hope to bring this experience to their new roles on the board of the seven-times English champions.