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Anthony Constantinou


Anthony Constantinou is an English educator who serves as the lecturer assistant professor and is the head of Bayesian Artificial Intelligence at Queen Mary University of London. As someone gets heavily involved in academics, sports, economics, and much more, Constantinou makes it clear according to his official LinkedIn profile that he goes out of his way to collaborate with other important industrial organizations around the world.

With an impressive resume that he has created for himself, it’s one of the reasons why Constantinou is a considered a well-respected professor from the United Kingdom, with having almost a decade of educational experience.

In his career stint in regards of working in education, he’s had multiple roles throughout his life when working for the Queen Mary University of London. These include Ph.D researcher, teaching assistant, post-doctoral research fellow, assistant professor and lecturer in Machine Learning and Data Mining, and being Head of the Bayesian AI Lab.

People can also get more information about his work on his official main website that was set for himself called, which features important research he has done in different subjects. See Related Link to learn more.

As Anthony Constantinou worked at the Queen Mary University of London for over nine years, he’s had plenty of other advanced jobs in his experience in education. Jobs such as consultant in Rating Systems and Bayesian Networks, associate consultant, and decision scientist. Anthony Constantinou also pointed out his background in military, as it was stated in his LinkedIn resume that he served in the Greek Cypriot National Guard as a solider.


With all the success Anthony Constantinou has achieved in education, his accomplishments can be seen as influential to some people who have serious goals in academics. Someone like Anthony Constantinou can definitely be looked as a motivational factor into succeeding in not just academics, but in anything for that matter.


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