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Nitin Khanna: The People in a Company Determine Its Success

Nitin Khanna knows the value of organization and knowing what you are good at for you to be successful. He is currently the CEO of MergerTech, an mergers and acquisition advisory firm handling mobile companies in the tech industry.

Someone can say entrepreneurship is second nature to Nitin Khanna given he was surrounded by entrepreneurs in his family while growing up. However, when he came to the USA, he decided to focus on his academics. However, the entrepreneurial side of him would emerge just when he had started on his PhD. in robotics. Many people would hesitate to drop their academic work, but he opted to take a break and build a business.

Given his brother had joined him in the U.S., they founded Saber Software together in 1999. In the beginning, the company provided election software to 21 states. However, it eventually provided additional government to citizen software which provided services such as child support, DMV systems, and public retirement systems, among other services. After ten years in the industry, Nitin Khanna sold the company.

With this first business, Nitin quickly learned he was more of a strategist than an operations man. He is very good with helping a company develop its strategy, vision, mission, and culture. The people in the company are extremely important to him since they are the ones that distinguish one company from the next one.

The second company Nitin Khanna came up with was MergerTech, an M&A Advisory firm that works with mobile tech businesses and entrepreneurs. After selling Saber Software, Nitin Khanna felt there was a need to help other companies in Portland succeed, just as his company had succeeded. He, therefore, co-founded MergerTech which gave him an avenue to do this and that is where he works to date.

Another company Nitin Khanna founded is CuraCannabis  which is in the medical cannabis industry. Even though he no longer plays an active role in the company, he hopes it will grow to be the Coca-cola of cannabis in the next 10-40 years.

In addition to entrepreneurship, Nitin Khanna also takes his family and hobbies seriously. Consequently, he is very strict with time and prioritization. Nitin Khanna taught himself to DJ at 41 years of age after his friends invited him to Burning Man. He is also a producer and executive producer of two films that opened at Sundance. His other hobbies are dancing and farming.

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Matt Badiali is Taking Investors to Better Levels

Many years ago, a young man, known as Matt Badiali, went to the university, expecting to graduate with a degree in earth science and become the scientist everyone would admire. This young professional was full of life, and he had no idea that he was going to become a finance investment guru who would help Americans to acquire financial freedom. His first degree was completed with no problems, and he went ahead for the second one, focusing on geology. His master’s degree was an eye opener about the many opportunities available in the market, and it motivated him to go for the third degree. Before this idea could be made a reality, Matt Badiali spoke to a friend who was in finance, and he saw the need to change his career. This friend helped the scientist to understand that he can use his skills in science to help millions of people who did not have money to live a great life. Badiali made a shift from science to finance, and he has become the experienced investment guru everyone wants to pay a visit.

Several months ago, one of the local publishing companies in the US announced that they will be welcoming a new author who would bring new ideas to the people. Banyan Hill gave Matt Badiali a working opportunity in their firm in 2017, and they have seen an increase in the number of subscribers. Real Wealth Strategist has become the popular investment newsletter all people want to read whenever they notice a new story has been published. Matt Badiali has been focusing on investments in agriculture commodities, oil, construction materials and metals. The style that has been used by the investment guru is quite to understand, and the people have been using the tips he has been giving out.

Giving investment advice in a market that is too competitive is not a walk on the park. People want to deal with investment advice that has been tested and tried so that they do not lose their money in the investments they are being offered. Matt Badiali has enjoyed his career life in the market, and he is proud of whatever he has been achieving in the complicated market so far.

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Freedom checks : Too good to be true or investors most well-kept secret?

Getting closer to retirement? Are you worried that your 401K and social security might not be sufficient enough to maintain your lifestyle? It’s okay, you’re not alone, however, there is a way to increase your potential earnings before and during treatment. You might have heard about freedom checks on the news or online investment articles and the incredible returns that people are seeing from their investments. We’re here to confirm that the hype is real. Here’s a guide on navigating freedom checks and how to get the most of them.

First, we need to talk about the man who first coined the term Freedom checks, Matt Badiali. Matt was at first seen as a voucher ready to take peoples money, however, after the public began seeing his research in coal mines, oil fields and other sources of fuel deposits, any and all suspicious turned into respect and trust. The fact is that Matt Badiali was taking advantage of a little-known tax-code (Internal Revenue Code title 26, subtitle F) which offers companies the incentive of not having to pay taxes in turn for bringing their business to American areas where natural resources can be derived. How does this make you money? Due to the incentive of not having to pay taxes, companies are then able to produce better revenue which in turn produces larger than average returns for investors. Freedom Checks Versus Trump Bonus Checks.

Are freedom checks legal? Yes, they are 100% legal to obtain and invest in. As stated before, savvy investors in the past have taken advantage of this tax code which works great with MLP’s or Master limited partnerships. It’s understandable that many in the investment world have not heard of MLP’s, in fact, they are one of the most well-kept secrets due to their incredible rate of returns. Now, like any investment, there remains the same amount of risk as any other stock or bond purchased, however, what separates these from common investments are the above-average returns that are offered year after year.

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Johanan Rand Has Spread His Success Around

Johanan Rand founded the Healthy Aging Medical Center and is a reputable rehabilitation doctor that has practiced for many years in physical medicine. Johanan is a former student of New York’s Einstein Medicine Center as well, where he learned much of the skills he uses in his practice today. Johanan peer-reviews medicine and has made considerable contributions in his industry to help hundreds of people over the years. Johanan is not only passionate about his work but he is optimistic and always doing research to work on the latest industry innovations. Not only has Johanan achieved his goals for success today, but he regularly consults and gives his advice to others so they can achieve their career goals as well.


On top of his work as a doctor, Johanan is an author as well, regularly taking his time to write down what he knows about his practice and how it can improve to help more people in the future. As always, Johanan is a thorough researcher and always backs up his information for his readers.


Johanan has been described by many as being humble and understanding to what his patients need. This is a valuable trait for a doctor to have, putting his patient’s concerns first so they feel comfortable and in good hands. On top of his medical expertise, Johnanan is also very knowledgeable when it comes to general health and fitness and he tries to be a role model for his clients and colleagues. Rand has been motivated since he was young to be successful, so it has not been difficult for him to stay committed to his goals.


Rand is currently working on a new book to release to his readers titled, It is too late to live past 100. Johanan is compiling a lot of his knowledge as well as new research on career advancement to offer entrepreneurs and individuals aspiring to be successful with some helpful information and methods for staying goal oriented.



Asset Protection from Ted BAuman

Ted Bauman is currently employed with Banyan Hill Publishing and his areas of expertise are writing about safe investment strategies and how to protect your wealth. He has spent his lifetime building a solid resume. He started out in his younger years getting a taste of what it was like to work physically hard and to be a member of the working class. He would work at fast food restaurants and gas stations and learned what it was like to get criticism and flak from his superiors. Working in these humble jobs instilled in him the belief that society must look out for the poor in society, as well as the affluent.

Ted Bauman left the United States as a young man and emigrated to South Africa. He attended the University of Cape Town and obtained an economics degree. He would spend twenty-five years in South Africa taking on many executive roles for nonprofit companies. One of his efforts he is well known for was he helped start Slum Dwellers International, which continues to help millions around the world.

After his years in South Africa, he returned to the United States where he now writes for Banyan Hill Publishing. His work has been printed in well-reputable journals in many counties and he has even provided research services to the United Nations. Currently, he publishes the Bauman letter and recently wrote about ways that people can protect their assets form a disaster. The article was inspired by a relative who had passed away but kept many of their assets stored at their home.

Ted Bauman had noticed that his relative did not properly safeguard their valuables and the relative was lucky that they had not been robbed. He did, however, agree with his deceased relative to keep some assets out of the bank. If a country is in trouble financially, they can require banks to seize your assets. Ted Bauman advises people to have a fireproof safety box at home to store some cash, precious metals or other valuables in case there is a situation where a bank confiscates an individual’s assets.

Why are Freedom Checks Worth Investing In?

Most of the people these days struggle to identify where to invest their money to get better returns. As the market is full of a variety of investment products, it has become difficult for the people to understand what to invest in and what to stay away from. Depending on the professional financial analysts and planners has become a common practice. Matt Badiali is one of the leading financial analysts and investment expert with specialization in natural resources. Over the past few years, Matt Badiali has traveled across the globe in different countries to understand and know the natural resources sector more closely. He visits the mines, talks to the company’s CEOs, and does the analysis to understand where the natural resources market is heading.

Matt Badiali is among one of the few investment experts who offers information on new opportunities that have not yet gone mainstream. Investing in Freedom Checks is one of them. It is a legitimate investment opportunity that most people do not know about. Many people think that since the returns they get are huge, it must be a scam. But, the truth is that Freedom Checks are investment opportunities presented by MLPs in the gas and energy sector. These sell part of their units to the public and then provide them with a portion of the profits that they make every year. Depending on the number of units people buy, they get returns depending on that. Thus, to make money, you need to invest more money in Freedom Checks. In addition, there is a minimum tax that you need to pay on the returns that you receive from it.

When Matt Badiali talked about Freedom Checks in one of his newsletters, many people thought that it was a scam. But, eventually, people realized that it is an investment opportunity that is not worth missing. Just like with other investments, Freedom Checks too have risks. It is essential that one does complete research on the company’s performance they want to invest in. The main benefit of the opportunity is that one can start investing with some money if they can.

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Victoria Doramus’ Journey To Sobriety

Victoria Doramus is a recovery expert who is based in London and New York City. She has a degree in mass communication and journalism from University of Colorado Boulder. With this being said Victoria has had her share of struggles that have made her the strong person she is today. It starts with addiction, a disease that can claim anyone.

The first time she went to rehab was in 2011 at the age of 26 with an addiction to Adderall and cocaine. Ms. Doramus would spend 45 days at Sierra Tucson a rehab facility in Tucson, Arizona. From there she would fly back to Los Angeles her home. Unfortunately, this experience at the facility would not stick and before you know Victoria Doramus was at it again, her addiction in tow. She though a change of scenery would make it all better but she was wrong. Even flying across the world to graduate school in London would not change it. The now recover expert was desperate and did a 60 rehab stint in Connecticut, but once again it was futile.

Ms. Doramus (@iamvictorialynn) was trying to do it all on her own while her mother was dying of cancer. It was simply too much and she ended up alienating herself from friends and family. According to, Victoria was homeless, on her own, and found anyway to get high. This had been a crippling addiction. She has been taking pills since she was a teenager, about 15 years. Alone, Victoria finally realized how bad it had gotten for her and could recover fully on her own. In early 2017 Ms. Doramus went to Burning Tree in Austin, Texas a place for addicts who would keep on relapsing. It was exactly what she needed and has been sober since then. Now she is working with others to get the help they need to recover from their addictions. See her fashion closet  on Tradesy.


Heather Russell Puts Her J.D. To Work

Heather Russell, an acclaimed expert in global corporate law, newly embarks upon her positions at TransUnion as Chief Legal Officer and Executive Vice President at an exciting juncture of the Company’s history. Founded in 1968 as a transportation finance holding company it is not that anymore. Well known in the USA Transunion is based out of Chicago, Illinois and is primarily understood as a credit data storehouse for consumers. That function and definition has transformed through the decades and Heather Russell’s 20 plus years of experience in corporate finance lends favorably to the expectations and challenges the new TransUnion is due to encounter.

Recently traded publicly for the first time (2015) on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), TransUnion (TRU) developed into a global risk management conglomeration with offices also in India, Hong Kong, the U.K., Canada and Central Africa among other current and projected locations. Once a passive repository of data TransUnion now stores, verifies, analyzes and interprets historical records of the financial, declaration and location behavior of both consumers and businesses. It aims to empower consumers to make informed decisions toward an enhanced economic future in keeping with sustainable development goals on the global level. It is reported that as of June 2018, the month of Heather’s commencement with the Company, TransUnion manages the storage and accurate distribution of over 58 petabytes of data. That’s somewhat equivalent to watching fourteen years worth of YouTube (YT) videos in High Definition (HD) on a 24″ by 17″ screen. That represents a mountain of information to ensure is managed within compliance of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Heather Russell is up for the challenge. Her career reflects a progressive growth in positive contribution to law firms and financial institutions. She has successfully served in such key leadership roles as associate general counsel, corporate secretary, managing director, executive vice president, senior vice president and head of public policy and regulatory affairs. Her prior endeavors involved responsibility for institutional regulatory compliance and placing the final signature on the legal stacks. She can look forward to more of the same as TransUnion acquires new, international credit bureau agencies and expands its mission. Contact Heather Russell on Facebook.

Live with Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest moved to New York City from Los Angeles to host the “Live with Kelly Ripa” show. He’s adjusting to the New York lifestyle with morning matcha tea and coffee. He reviews the news in the morning before he goes to the studio.

Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) is also an exercise icon. He rides the Peloton bike and runs in the park every morning. He’s known to take his personal trainer on the road with him when the show is on location.

As a vegan person, Ryan understands that eating healthy and exercise go hand in hand. However, his busy schedule doesn’t always allow him to eat the foods that are healthy. On weekends, he enjoys family meals with his extended family.

Dick Clark played an important role in Ryan’s life. Mr. Clark taught him that if people think you can make broadcasting look easy, then you’re doing it right. He now hosts and produces his own syndicated radio show, “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” He interviews guests and also discusses the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which supports children and young adults with cancer. They also create broadcasting studios in pediatric hospitals for children to learn how radio and television shows work and also learn to create their own. It gives the children something to look forward while they’re in the hospital and helps to think of something other than the illness they face on a daily basis.

Aside from broadcasting and exercising, Ryan also has a skincare line to help men improve with age. Polished is a skin cream or oil that is designed to help older men look younger. Ryan also has a Distinction clothing line for men that is available online. The suits and activewear are tailor-made for any businessman who desires to dress casually by still looking classy.

American Idol is a musical show that offers talent from singers who compete for a record deal. Ryan began hosting the show in the spring of 2018.

Ryan leads a very full and productive life. He starts his day early in the morning and he wouldn’t change it for anything.

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Jim Toner Help People Gain Freedom by Developing Risk Taking Mindset

Brian Harris’ recent article, “Jim Toner Guides You to Financial Freedom in the New Economy” published by Release Fact, discusses the real estate investor and entrepreneur’s guide to succeeding as an entrepreneur.

After working in the trenches of the real estate investment world for more than a quarter of a century, Jim Toner understands what it takes to succeed. The financial freedom and independence many Americans crave can be gained. It won’t be easy, but it can be done according to Jim Toner. He suggests that it is possible to go from broke to successful in only a few short years.

One important step to financial independence is by quitting your job. Though Toner does not suggest you do that right away or without planning, Toner reveals that only working for yourself will enable you to enjoy the financial freedom. He suggests that the stable employment people associate with working for big companies is all but gone. Toner reveals this is a new economy where being an entrepreneur, taking complete control of your own finances is the most important experience in the road to financial freedom. Though quitting will always feel like a risk, Toner suggests that it is riskier to remain in a financial system where you have no control. In order to reach financial freedom, one has to have a high risk tolerance.

Toner also reveals the importance of being honest with yourself when beginning your financial journey, even if it is the harsh realization that you are not where you want to be. It is important not to deceive yourself about the situation. Instead, the truth can help you understand the path you need to take to get to the life you want. However, despite the brutal honesty necessary for beginning, Toner suggests that you can’t ever quit. Failure is simply a part of the process. It is the persistence that allows entrepreneurs to gain success. The hardships are worth it in the end

Jim toner also reveals the importance of learning sales. Sales is at the heart of everything and you are selling any time you are communicating with someone, whether you believe you are or not.

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