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Gareth Henry’s achievements

Born in London, UK, Gareth J. Henry is one of the most sought managers in account investments in New York. Gareth Henry is an expert in credit products and private real estate capitalization. He is an active member of markets globally with a focus in the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Gareth Henry started to nurture his love for Mathematics and Statistics in 1997 when he joined the Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh in 1997. In 2001, Gareth graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Mathematics.

After college, Gareth Henry worked as an analyst with the Watson Wyatt Group. He later joined the Global Investment Management where he worked as the Director of Strategic Solutions, a position Gareth held until 2004.

Gareth then managed insurers, consultants and pension funds in 2004 when he joined the SEI Investments. He worked with SEI investments for a year before being appointed as the director of Schroders in 2005.

Gareth later joined the Fortress Investment Group in 2007 as the managing director of the company. Due to his new position, Gareth Henry moved to the USA. Under Gareth, the Fortress Investment Group managed to raise significant capital for the company’s hedge funds, private equity, real estate holdings and private credit.

Gareth is now based in New York where he works with Angelo, Gordon & Co where he is the global head of Investor relations and partner. In 2016, Angelo, Gordon & Co managed to raise $4.5 billion under his leadership. In 2017, Gareth steered the company to raise $2.5 billion in credit products and real estate alone.

In 2018, Gareth started the Gareth Henry Access Bursary in Edinburgh where he offers one on one coaching and mentorship at his Alma Mater University.

In University, Gareth discovered his niche was Investment and fortunately, his tutors in Edinburgh nurtured him to be one of the most valued investment specialists in the USA. In an interview with IdeaMensch, when asked about the strategy that has made him so successful in business, Gareth explained that the philosophical approach he uses is the mentorship that he learned in University. Gareth believes communication to clients and mentors allows him to use formulas used to win by others differently.

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LimeCrime’s Doe Deere Lives Her Version Of The American Dream

What does the American dream mean in the 21st-century? This is a question faced by millions of U.S. citizens and immigrants as they navigate the changing face of the U.S. in the digital age. Cosmetics mogul, Doe Deere believes she is living her own version of the American dream she imagined growing up in the small Russian city of Izhevsk. In 1998, the teenaged Doe Deere accompanied her mother and sister to New York City where they believed a better life awaited.


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Arriving in the U.S. under her birth name, Xenia Vorotoza, Doe Deere and her family were faced with difficult times when the accountancy qualifications of her mother were delayed in their delivery to potential employers. A few months later the cleaning jobs and work of the daughters of the family were not enough to keep a roof over the heads of the young family. Despite spending time living in a Lexington Avenue homeless shelter, Doe Deere remains positive about the events of her first years in the U.S.

Explaining her attitude towards the problems her family faced, Doe Deere, explains she and her family would not have achieved such success had they not faced such problems in the late-1990s. Many of the issues the family faced can be explained by the change in culture from a small Russian city with around 500,000 residents and the more than seven million residents of “The Big Apple.

The family found themselves in a homeless shelter with less than $8 to their name and decided the time had come to force their way to a better life. In the early 2000s with the aid of a charity, Doe Deere and her family found a new home in the East Harlem area and found educational opportunities to aid their future. Deere studied at the respected New York Institute of Fashion and her sister graduated with honors from Columbia University. Doe Deere and her family did not look back with anger at their early years in the U.S. but believe hard times were the springboard to their current success.