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Paul Mampilly Talks About Taking Wall Street To The Main Street

In the financial market, the difference between being a prey or a predator is usually having the correct information. According to Paul Mampilly, the stock and feature markets have no room for ignorance or misinformation and benighted investors always end on the blunt end of profitability. Mampilly, a household name in Wall Street, further adds that investors seeking to profit from the market must be dedicated to conducting detailed research and constantly updating themselves with the industry developments that have the potential of shifting the market equilibrium.

Market research

Having spent the better part of his career in Wall Street, Paul Mampilly advice traders to dedicate their time to market research. And while he may have left the hedge funds and concentrated on helping the average citizen make a fortune in the money markets, he still holds on the virtues that he believes to be crucial to succeeding in the stock markets such as successful trades.

However, unlike during his hedge fund days where he used this research to make better company decisions, today Paul shares these nuggets with his followers. The research and investment analyst is also publishing these tips on the Profits Unlimited newsletter that he founded after joining Banyan Hill Publishing back in 2016.

Mampilly’s publications

Profits Unlimited has become a popular read for more than average investors and subscribers to the newsletter. Through this publication, Paul Mampilly offers his audience a chance to benefit from his investment strategies and analysis by highlighting new investment opportunities every month.

He also posts a list of key stocks that he is following and recommends to his subscribers. Paul Mampilly’s main street takeover, however, doesn’t end here but also extends to advising traders on how to diversify their portfolios as a precautionary measure.

Apart from Profits unlimited, Mampilly also oversees True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes, two premium trading platforms, in addition to writing for the Winning Investor Daily. His transparency in stock trading has also seen him feature on business programs on Fox Business News, CNBC, and Bloomberg TV where he offers insight on the market performance and forecasts.

More about Paul Mampilly

Mampilly currently serves as the senior editor for Banyan Hilling Publishing. Before Banyan, he worked at Stansberry Research LLC as an editor of Professional Speculator. His experience in stock markets and trade was however honed during his tenure as a Portfolio Manager with Kinetics Asset Management LLC.

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Ted Bauman advice to investors

Ted Bauman was born in Washington D.C and was raised in Maryland. He moved to South Africa at a young age and graduated from the University of Cape Town with postgraduate degrees in both History and Economics. While in South Africa he worked in the nonprofit sector serving executive roles but mainly worked as a fund manager.

Ted Bauman worked on low-cost housing projects, and an example of such is the Slum Dwellers International. He has served with Habitat for Humanity which has seen him travel all over Latin America and the Caribbean.

He is the current editor at Banyan Hill Publishing and also a writer. He is a specialist in asset protection and low-risk investment strategies.

He has appeared in many journals worldwide and has researched while also writing for the United Nation, the World Bank, some European nonprofit agencies and even the government of South Africa.

He writes and edits three blogs at Banyan Hill including the Bauman letter which he has suggested some strategies for disaster-proofing one’s valuables. The other two are Alpha Stock Alert and Plan B Club.

Ted Bauman informs investors on ways to protect their assets. He advised in the case of rules based selling strategies such as opportunity cost sell and valuation level sell which could cause an unexpected crash of stocks; investors should not succumb to panic in such times.

When such crisis occurs it has been shown previously that investors who hold on to their shares or those who consider buying additional shares may experience much better returns as compared to those who sold and lost their money. He also advises investors that planning for the future is crucial. One should focus more on making a substantial investment strategy.

Regarding safeguarding of investments, some of the strategies Ted Bauman emphasizes on is the creation of a wall of protection on investments by creating a protective plan since it is risky not to develop a defensive strategy.

Another way is by investing in bonds and stocks. Bonds offer monthly dividends as compared to stock markets where one is not sure of profits or gains. Bonds are remained protected when loss of value in stocks occurs when there is a crash in stock markets.