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Who Is Ashley Lightspeed

To be an architect just like her father is what Ashley Lightspeed envisioned when she was growing up. She enjoyed in her childhood age to accompany her father in their workstation where they sketched ideas and then made them real. Her craftsman and prototyping expertise can be traced back to her young age. It is amazing that today she has pivoted away from architecture but all the same she is now more involved in creation of the tomorrow of the business world. Follow Ashley Lightspeed on Twitter.

Growth and education

Ashley Lightspeed is a well-educated woman. She is a holder of master’s degree of business administration from Stanford University. She is also a degree holder of B.A visual and media studies, markets and management as well as in urban planning from Duke and Harvard University respectively. This is where she acquired the necessary skills to go along with her personal abilities.

Career and work

Success, creativity, determination is what can be used to define her almost perfect career. Before she joined Lightspeed Venture, she had worked with some big firms in USA. These firms include Bain and Company where she worked as associate consultant, Thumbtack Company where she worked as category manager. She is currently with Lightspeed Venture where she works with early stage startup businesses.


Ashley Lighthouse can be referred to as a powerhouse in herself. She possesses skills that make her to stand out. They include; the extensive knowledge she has and her love for coming up with new products, her unique and creative mind, her ability to spot and create a trend that picks and last long and finally her ability of a keen insight, seeing the invisible. These skills give her the ability to drive Lightspeed Venture without sweat. She tackles challenges as she lives her dream. For more information about Ashley Lightspeed, click here:

Bernardo Chua Spreads the Benefits of Ganoderma Throughout the World

In a relatively short time, Bernard Chua has become a very accomplished and very rich man and he can thank the herbal benefits of Ganoderma.

With Ganoderma, he was able to create two companies called Gano Excel and Organo. They went on to be quite successful. As part of North America Gold, he brought Ganoderma to the Philippines.

In 2008, Bernardo Chua started Organo Gold in Canada. When he started this company, it only had 10 employees. It eventually became one of the most profitable companies on the international scene with many, many independent contractors and employees. This company can be found in 35 countries.

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Before Bernardo Chua started Organo, he started Gano Excel in the Philippines. He then moved California in 2003 to bring Gano Excel to the United States. He also brought his knowledge of Ganoderma to the USA and many of Gano Excel’s products had Gandoderma as a key ingredient. On Chua’s Facebook page, a person can find that he added Ganoderma to coffee, tea, and other kinds of drinks.

Bernardo Chua’s biggest accomplishment is adding Ganoderma to drinks to make them healthier. These beverages could bring a balance to a person’s life. They have made his companies prosperous and has won him awards from various organizations.

In an article from the Street, it stated that he set up a business model based on the benefits of direct sales. It improved his Philippines firm and allowed his group to become global quite quickly. He has a strong belief in the power of direct sales.

Que. Organo Gold, one of his most successful creations, mainly uses network marketing to become successful. Chua emphasizes the company to spread the knowledge about Ganoderma throughout the world. Chua is like a Ganoderma missionary and wants to see all parts of the globe see the benefits of Ganoderma. Ganoderma is what Chua’s products like nutraceuticals, personal care products, and gourmet products unique.

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InnovaCare Is Doing Well With Rick Shinto Still

InnovaCare Health is a provider of managed healthcare throughout North America. Founded in 1998, the managed service provider has been headed by founder Rick Shinto, a physician-and-CEO combo, from the jump.

New C-suiters hired by InnovaCare Health in 2018

Brand-new vice president of sales and marketing Peter Zafris left InsightinHealth in May 2018. Mr. Zafris also was a part of leadership in major insurance companies UnitedHealthcare, Cigna, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Now-former consultant Frank Izquierdo is now InnovaCare Health’s vice president of developing networks and contracts. Much like Peter, Izquierdo comes from a background of other healthcare companies. Mr. Izquierdo hangs upwards of 25 years of healthcare management from his belt.

Penelope Kokkinides celebrates three-and-a-half years with InnovaCare

Ms. Kokkinides boasts more than two decades of Medicare-related experience and roster spots at Centerlight HealthCare, Touchstone Health, and Americhoice. Penelope Kokkinidea has a whopping four degrees, which includes graduation from Columbia University’s School of Public Health and New York University.

42 months ago, in June 2015, Penelope Kokkinides was welcomed back to InnovaCare, the chief administrative officer of InnovaCare Health. She had previously been with InnovaCare for a six-year stint, ending in 2012 as its chief operating officer.

Kokkinides’ resume includes stays as EVP and COO of Centerlight HealthCare, among the C-suite members of UnitedHealth Group’s subsidiary AmeriChoice, and COO of Touchstone Health. She’s got two master’s degrees, a post-masters-but-not-doctorate degree, and two bachelor’s certificates from Binghamton University that weren’t related to her envy-causing career.

InnovaCare Health and its Peurto Rican holdings

MMM Holdings is a subsidiary of InnovaCare that is based in Puerto Rico. MMM of America is InnovaCare’s one shot at the contiguous United States. MMM Holdings has several subsidiaries, all of which are spread across HMO/PPO plans, HMO-Medicaid, and management services.

InnovaCare picked up the Puerto Rican MMM Healthcare in 2011. In 2012, InnovaCare Health Solutions was headed up as the new face of the organization.

The team as a unit

InnovaCare’s uppermost ring of executives collectively boasts upwards of 125 years working in either managed healthcare or medical supply product delivery.

Deirdre Baggot Is an Expert Healthcare Strategist

Deirdre Baggot wears a lot of professional hats. These include BSN, MBA, and PhD. She currently works as a healthcare business strategist and expert on topics and practices that concern healthcare payments. Schools she attended include Loyola University and the University of Colorado in Denver. She started her career at Northwestern Memorial Hospital as a nurse and manager of the hospital’s administrative group. Find out more about Baggot at Resumonk

She held several professional positions before moving on to GE Healthcare. By this time she gained a lot of experience in developing business, acquisitions in marketing, recruiting talent, and payer contracting. At GE Healthcare, she helped to grow the company’s annual revenues by $6.6 million.

Deirdre Baggot has created and nurtured numerous professional relationships. This has helped her to create major programs and strategies used at more than 200 hospitals around the country. She has also received national recognition for her work. She speaks at medical conferences and high-profile health organizations in the same service space as the American Heart Association.

Her knowledge and experience makes her one the nation’s leading experts on bundled payments. To date, she has writing over 20 scholarly papers on the topic. These papers are highly respected within the healthcare industry. Her academic knowledge also covers the transformation of healthcare payments along with important issues that cover healthcare reform.

Baggot comes from a medical family. Her father was an anesthesiologist and her brother woks as an OB. It was only natural that she would gravitate toward a career in medicine. She likes the fact that her education and training enables her to make a difference in the lives of her clients. As the market shrinks, she enjoys taking on the challenges off helping her clients achieve their marketing and growth strategies.

Deirdre Baggot remains excited about the advance of consumer wearables. These are mechanisms that help patients to engage their own well-being and health. Baggot is a good example of how education and experience can intersect in ways that produce results. She remains in a position to add her expertise to the industry for years to come. Baggot is a great example of what happens when education and experience combine. Good things can result.

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HGGC acquires majority shareholding in RPX

HGGC has completed a tender offer that was announced by one of its affiliates, Riptide purchaser, Inc. After the completion of the acquisition, Purchaser has acquired all outstanding shares of RPX common stock. According to the CEO and co-founder of HGGC, Rich Lawson, the company is happy to have partnered with the management of RPX. They are happy to work with our RPX going forward and ensuring that our RPX meets the growing needs of its client-network. In the acquisition, the deal was completed without the affirmative vote of other RPX shareholders.

HGGC is confident that it will help RPX to achieve its next goals of growth and strengthen its opportunities in discovery management and patent risk services. Steven Leistner, the principal of HGGC, argued that the deal would create an environment whereby RPX will manage to grow its operations to a wide range of clients. RPX has a mission of investing in opportunities that meet the needs of the clients in long-term while at the same time providing innovative services which clients can rely on. By working with the new partner, they will be able to meet their goals and those of Inventus. After the completion of the merger, RPX will now be one of the subsidiaries of HGGC.

RPX provides discovery management and patent risk solutions. It was founded in 2008 and has introduced efficiency in the market by providing alternative solutions to litigation. The company is based in San Francisco and uses the approach of deep patent expertise, principal capital, and client contributions to generate an improved patent purchasing power. RPX has managed to mitigate patent risk for its wide range of clients by acquiring patents and patent rights. As of March 2018, RPX had over $2.4 billion investments in patent assets and rights on behalf of over 320 clients in different keys sectors such as consumer, electronics, e-commerce, software financial services, mobile communications, semiconductors, and networking.

HGGC is a top middle-market private equity firm with capital commitments of over $4.3 billion. It is best in alto California and known for its advantaged investing model that enables it to source and acquire attractive business opportunities. So far it has completed over 19 investments recapitalizations and add-on acquisitions with a value of more than 17 billion.

The Contribution of OSI Industries in the Society with David McDonald

Many people don’t care about knowing the past of the investors when they get to the top. They only care about what the investors are doing at that particular moment. That is where many people fail because you cannot understand a building without understanding the foundation of the building. All the traits that are making an investor stay at the top were developed along the way of their career.

David McDonald is among the individuals who have a history that does not match their present. He was raised in Lowa. Her family was humble, and no one knew he could become the President of OSI Group McDonalds. He studied Animal Science at Iowa State University (ISU).

After his studies, he secured a project manager job at Otto & Sons. The firm was still a local butchery. He has, therefore, watched the gradual growth of the company to the multinational company it is today. His contribution in the firm led him to be named the chief operating officer (COO) and President of OSI Group McDonalds.

David McDonald says that the past three decades of his life have been exciting because he has been doing something he loves. He has always loved biology and agriculture. He is, therefore, not bored of doing the same thing at OSI Group McDonalds for 30 years.

Everyone is scared at some point along the business because the whole thing is unpredictable. There are moments where things constantly go contrary from our expectations, and we begin to doubt whether the path we are following is right. However, David McDonald says that there was never a time where he doubted the strategies of OSI Group McDonalds could work. He has always had faith with the plans of the company. He adds that although their legal laws they have to adhere to, being a private company, there are some things that they are able to forego.

Thanks to the contribution of David McDonald, the firm has been able to open more than 65 locations in 16 countries across the world. With their investments, they have been able to employ more than 20000 employees, which is just one of the way the firm benefits the society.

Looking at Equities First Holdings- Daily Forex Report

The deal with Equities First Holdings- Daily Forex Report

There are many legit loaning companies throughout the globe that offer good services to those in need of quick funding. One good loaning business that is a good start to look at would be banks. Banks are able to provide good, quick loans for those looking to startup a business. However, one must be able to probably mind their credit in order to gain a loan. Aside from banks being seen as an ideal choice, there are other good options to choose. Equities First Holdings is a loaning company that has been around since 2002. This alternative loaning company has been able to rival banks with its good loans that it provides to clients. It does not focus to harshly on the credit score of their clients as they will be able to assist regardless, whether it is good or poor.


The Seal Award Goes To

How Got Its Start, also known as Jingdong is the largest e-commerce company in China. has humble beginnings; the company was created out of necessity. Richard Liu is the creator of, and he is an innovator who was always looking for ways to improve his company and its products. Liu started out only selling optical products, and his company grew to have 12 stores.

In 2003, there was a SARS outbreak in China that left Liu with a shortage of workers and customers. Liu wanted to keep selling his products, but he did not want to put anyone’s health in danger. He had the idea to sell his products online instead of at stores, and that idea is what made Jingdong take off. Liu was able to close all of his stores within 2 years. seemed to have a life of its own, and Liu became one of China’s richest entrepreneurs. Go To This Page to learn more.


How received the SEAL award

Recently, The corporate blog published an article about Jingdong. Jingdong ships products to 99% of China. Apart from being a company that is efficient, it is also environmentally conscience. has invested much time and expense in its recycling efforts.

Jingdong recently launched the “Green Stream Initiative”. The new initiative to deliver products in the reusable green boxes has been welcomed across the industry and is expected to be replicated by other companies soon. It is necessary that the companies try to find ways to reduce carbon emissions and Jingdong has been trying innovative ways to be one of the eco-friendliest companies out there.

Their recent step in the article “ Launches New Reusable Package Initiative” is a big one. It signifies that the company has put their full force behind making the company a truly environmental company.

It created the largest recycling initiate in the country. This initiative covers a large number of cities in China, and it has allowed over 1 million articles of clothing and 400,000 toys to be recycled. This recycling project has gotten attention from various companies around the world that are sure to follow’s positive example.


The Future of / Jingdong

JingDong is moving up. It is publicly traded; it’s shares are doing extremely well, and they have been climbing. Richard Liu wants his company to be the number one e-commerce company in the world, and at the rate that it is growing, it is a real possibility.


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The OSI Group McDonalds Relationship and President David McDonald…

OSI & McDonalds have been at it for Some Time…

The OSI Group McDonalds relationship really began back when OSI was called Otto & Sons. They had grown from one Iowa farm into a giant local business at this point. They had locked themselves into a form of freezing technology that Ray Kroc was demanding his restaurants have access to for their respective supply chains. What started as a verval agreement has turned into a business relationship that spans international proportions. One entity always seems to have advantage to offer the other. David McDonald is the perfect president for OSI Food Group. No matter how one feels about the OSI Group McDonalds relationship, it would prove to be quite difficult to argue against this fact.

David McDonald: OSI’s Perfect Candidate for President…

If one is to view the college experience of David Mcdonald, he would probably ask if Dave was training for OSI president from day one! Beginning as a farm laborer himself, David studied a combination of agricultural sciences and also business. His goal was to always combine his love of the two, surely. Turning himself into the perfect person to run OSI, especially at the height of the OSI Group McDonalds relationship, was likely a happy accident.

I’ve heard that David helped OSI overcome Infrastructure Challenges in China; what’s that Mean?

Developing countries, such as China, will always have issues that make things difficult for Multi-national Companies. A lack of infrastructure, or outdated infrastructure is the best possible example. In a recent interview, David expressed the type of attitude that helped contribute to OSI Group Mcdonalds success in China. David confesses, it took true relationship forging, and also a great deal of patience, to overcome this issue. It seems that OSI and McDonalds are cooking with fire in China now.

David Remembers who really Inspires Innovation…

When asked how OSI can help keep entrepreneurs innovative, David Mcdonald reminded the interviewer that it is the customer that keeps any company innovative. This makes sense seeing as how the whole point of doing business in the first place is the serve the needs of various types of customers.

GreenSky Credit creates new lending model for retail consumers

David Zalik is a name that few Americans know. He first came to the country at age three when his parents immigrated from Israel. Zalik proved to be a child prodigy throughout his formative years, graduating from high school at the age of just 12.

Zalik attended the University of Auburn where he demonstrated that he could keep up with much older students. But he quickly grew bored with academic life, eventually dropping out at the age of 14 to found his own company.

Over the next two decades, Zalik would go on to found and sell off a large number of companies, ending up with a considerable fortune by the time he was in his early 30s. It was then that he first conceived of the idea for GreenSky Credit.

Bridge financing at the retail level

Zalik had accumulated a great deal of experience within the home improvement space. He had noticed that a number of the most prominent players in this industry were losing a great deal of business. The nature of the problem, Zalik saw, was that customers were ending up thinking that their home improvement projects would come in at a far lower cost than the actual estimate ended up being.

Zalik asked why it wouldn’t be possible to extend these retail home improvement customers the same kinds of bridge financing opportunities that are available for some of the biggest real estate developers. After all, Zalik saw that the kinds of projects being done by high-end home improvement customers were very similar to the kind of projects that real estate development firms did every day. And the costs, while not as high as commercial projects, were often high enough that they left average home renovation customers with no viable way of financing their projects.

This was the impetus behind the creation of GreenSky Credit. GreenSky Credit is dedicated to providing high-end home improvement customers with loans up to the six figures at the point of sale. GreenSky has partnered with some of the top banks in the country. And GreenSky customers often have to make no payments on the loans for an entire year.