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The Top Weapon Of War Used During The Middle Age – Trabuco

One of the most dangerous weapons used during the middle age period was known as the Trabuco war machine. The weapon is believed to have been an invention made as an improvised sling to shoot larger projectiles in the fourth century. While the sling only fired smaller missiles, the Chinese incorporated some various extra parts to come up with the Trabuco war machine. It had five main parts that included a short arm beam, a pivot, strings, missiles, and a counterweight weight mechanism.


Further, its mechanism employed the physics dynamics of Kinetic Theory where gravitational or potential energy is converted to kinetic energy. The speed of the missile again depended on the force applied where some energy would dissipate in the process. Moreover, the very first Trabuco war machines were small, and one person could operate it while the number of people to run it grew depending on the size of the device. Also, the missiles launched were done through employing human energy to pull strings to hit the target. Refer to This Article for more information.


The Traction and the Hybrid Trabuco


The first type of machine that was made by the Chinese depended entirely on the troops to pull strings that helped in firing the different types of loads. On the contrary, the improved Trabuco machine which was also known as the Balancing Trabuco used a counterweight mechanism to shoot missiles. The balancing Trabuco was invented after encountering the difficulty of using the Traction Trabuco which demanded the troops work in synchrony and coordination to launch the missiles.


Furthermore, some of the largest war machines would require the villagers to help in launching the missiles where the troops were few. As a result, the war weapon was deserted, and a more advanced Trabuco that only required the counterweight and a few people was developed. What’s more, the war machine would fire loads of over 140 pounds to more than 80 meters while others which were larger were recorded to have fired more than 400 pounds to longer distances. Nevertheless, the deadly weapon of medieval times was replaced by the modern-day artillery when gun powder was invented.