A Look Into Kimberly Bakker’s Typical Day


While Kimberly Bakker’s peers are busy turning one last time before daybreak, she’s already up to prepare for a busy long day ahead. She starts by freshening up and getting dressed. Of course according to the weatherman’s forecast. Kimberly Bakker will then prepare a healthy, nutritious breakfast for her young daughter (Quinlan) and herself. She tends for her daughter’s morning routine before her nanny’s arrival.

Upon the arrival of Quinlan’s nanny, Kimberly entirely focuses on her professional day ahead. She runs through her checklist that she had prepared the previous night one last time, although she was already done with it. She then packs her vehicle with furniture, antiques (passed down through generations) and well thought out flavors.

The renowned “Momtrepreneur” then ventures into the day’s event site where she meets with her assistant, client, staff, and vendors among other personnel. She coordinates the setup by a delegation of duties. In some instances, she partakes in the set up to ensure her client’s wishes are lived up, and fine details are not ignored.

Once the event set up is ready, she freshens up and changes into the party’s approved dress code. While engaging with hiding end acquaintances, Kimberly Bakker keenly watches over the event. She does this to make sure that everything works out as per her plan. Of course, everything doesn’t usually happen as expected. Once the event is over, she sends the clients home with to-go food boxes as in many cases they usually have no time to eat.

Kimberly Bakker will drive to her lovely home where she meets her daughter to catch up. At home with her only daughter, she partakes in their daily night bath time ritual. They will read stories afterward. After a good mummy-daughter time well spent, she replays the day’s success and failure. Due to extortion, she succumbs to slumber to wake up to a new beginning. Find Additional Information Here.


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