3 Reasons Why Lime Crime Is This Generations Favorite Beauty Line

First off, I would like to begin this article by expressing my gratitude for there being such a person like Doe Deere in existence. That being said, I have compiled only a few of what seems to be infinite reasons as to why her beauty line, “Lime Crime” is this generation’s top pick. Doe Deere’s beauty line began in 2008 after the realization that there was a surprising lack of color. That’s when she decided to come up with her own beauty line and in doing so, completely revolutionized the industry with massive use of vibrant and brilliant color. So, without further adieu, here are the reasons why Lime Crime is this generation’s favorite.


#1. Doe Deere Herself


It’s not everyday that a person like this comes around. With her innovative mind, entrepreneurial perspective and an uncanny ability to take action on the best opportunities, Doe Deere has managed to create something extraordinary. She has managed to make her line “Lime Crime” reflect her attitude towards life. This artistic woman is all about color and self-expression. This successful entrepreneur was able identify a problem that was intrinsic to an area in her life that she is passionate about – the lack of color. She used this information to take on her entrepreneurial endeavor of making what started off as a cosmetics line, “Lime Crime”. Her compassionate nature allowed her to not only make the most of a niche market, but also to do it in a way that was animal and vegan friendly. This colorfully charismatic character uses bright, bold, and vibrant color as a way to more freely express herself. She believes that makeup should not only be limited to covering up imperfections, but is also as an instrument of freedom and self expression. If she had one piece of advice to give to her younger self, it would be, “to not be afraid of makeup and hair colour. It will set you free.


#2. The Nostalgic Approach


This is most likely influenced by her own personal experience as a child. Some of palette’s are in a “Polly Pocket” design and has sparked nostalgia for all who were girls of that generation. It is also cute and colorful, so any woman will love it even if they are some how not familiar with the reminiscent designs. A vibrant, vegan, and animal friendly nostalgic makeup case. What’s not to Love?


#3. The Organic-ness Of It All


As previously mentioned, her beauty line contains no chemicals, animal products, and is most definitely not tested on animals. This comes as a solution to the many people who loved using makeup to express themselves, but had to stop due to the manufacturers of the time’s less than acceptable ways of producing the mainstream makeup. They were getting boring anyway. Doe Deere has used the pain, healed it, and turned it into an inspiring phenomenon. No cute little rabbits are ever harmed in the making of this young, artistic entrepreneurs beauty line, “Lime Crime”. Thank You.


Visit www.doedeere.com to learn more.