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ClassDojo new subscription service arriving in February 2019

ClassDojo has been able to grow since its inception years ago in 2011, without making money, although being used by many teachers and students. ClassDojo is a platform that connects students to teachers to give them lessons and much more, it also allows teachers to communicate with parents. The application has had incredible use as the article from claims that “at least one teacher” is using the service, along with 1 in 6 children under 14 using it daily. ClassDojo has found a way to make money with a monthly subscription service for parents to use for their children called “ClassDojo Beyond School.” It goes beyond the traditional classroom lessons with having exercises for meditation, reflection, and more, along with using a points system. The business believes that this subscription service will help connect parents to their children and teach them elements that are beyond the classroom and it will use a points system rewarded by teachers, based on the parent’s settings. ClassDojo makes a positive impact for children to learn and rewarding them points is an incentive for them to do better in the classroom and on the application likewise. Some people have spoken on how their children’s attitudes changed while using the application as they learned discipline and consequences for their actions, which can be vital to a child’s development. With the new service, it allows students to customize their profile and logo, while parents can also learn lessons for meditation and other topics to teach their students. The app will be available in February of next year and are thinking about a final price for the monthly service. ClassDojo has been able to stay afloat with money from many investors and with their new planned service, should be able to make some money and grow. ClassDojo remains convenient for students, teachers, and parents to communicate with each other and teach children vital skills.

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Kimberly Bakker Is A Unique Entrepreneur Who Always Remains Calm Under Pressure


Kimberly Bakker has been working in the industry she loves for many years and always makes each and every one of her varied clients feel special. She always surrounds herself with professionally-minded people who lift each other and help each other out. Kimberly Bakker has been working with carefully chosen vendors who know how to deliver when it matters most for years. This helps her to stay confident during every one of the events she is a part of.

At the beginning of her day, Kimberly Bakker takes the time to make her daughter a healthy breakfast. She also helps her daughter get ready for the day and works to be as present as possible during this time. Before heading out of the door, Bakker goes over her to-do-lists, which she had carefully prepared the day before. While others are continuing to catch some more sleep, she has already started her day. On most days, she is making someone feel very special by setting up an event for them that is personalized and touching. Read This Article for related information.

Kimberly Bakker is very proud of her heritage and has continued her family’s tradition by passing it on to her daughter. Her family has made a deep impact on California, ever since they came to the state in 1848. She has kept many heirloom family objects, which she is proud of, and uses them as bespoke pieces during gatherings or during the events she hosts.

Kimberly Bakker is the founder of Kimberly Bakker Events. She helped to put together the United Nations World Environment Day in 2005 and has also served the city of San Francisco as the protocol officer for the Mayor’s office. She is known for her ability to stay calm under pressure and does so by always having a plan. Bakker loves to improve her community and is always someone who puts a smile on the faces of others.

Gazette Day recently published a feature on Kimberly titled “Kimberly Bakker: Momtrepreneur with a Purpose”. The article was written by Erica Smith to highlight the businesswoman and her dedication to her business.


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Gareth Henry’s achievements

Born in London, UK, Gareth J. Henry is one of the most sought managers in account investments in New York. Gareth Henry is an expert in credit products and private real estate capitalization. He is an active member of markets globally with a focus in the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Gareth Henry started to nurture his love for Mathematics and Statistics in 1997 when he joined the Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh in 1997. In 2001, Gareth graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Mathematics.

After college, Gareth Henry worked as an analyst with the Watson Wyatt Group. He later joined the Global Investment Management where he worked as the Director of Strategic Solutions, a position Gareth held until 2004.

Gareth then managed insurers, consultants and pension funds in 2004 when he joined the SEI Investments. He worked with SEI investments for a year before being appointed as the director of Schroders in 2005.

Gareth later joined the Fortress Investment Group in 2007 as the managing director of the company. Due to his new position, Gareth Henry moved to the USA. Under Gareth, the Fortress Investment Group managed to raise significant capital for the company’s hedge funds, private equity, real estate holdings and private credit.

Gareth is now based in New York where he works with Angelo, Gordon & Co where he is the global head of Investor relations and partner. In 2016, Angelo, Gordon & Co managed to raise $4.5 billion under his leadership. In 2017, Gareth steered the company to raise $2.5 billion in credit products and real estate alone.

In 2018, Gareth started the Gareth Henry Access Bursary in Edinburgh where he offers one on one coaching and mentorship at his Alma Mater University.

In University, Gareth discovered his niche was Investment and fortunately, his tutors in Edinburgh nurtured him to be one of the most valued investment specialists in the USA. In an interview with IdeaMensch, when asked about the strategy that has made him so successful in business, Gareth explained that the philosophical approach he uses is the mentorship that he learned in University. Gareth believes communication to clients and mentors allows him to use formulas used to win by others differently.

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Richard Liu Quiangdong Speaks About Jingdong


Richard Liu Qiangdong is the talent behind the globally successful e-commerce platform, Jingdong, which is the largest retailer in China besides being the most profitable internet company., with a net worth of $57 billion is among the two biggest e-commerce companies in China with the company expanding in size and command, courtesy of their innovative business approach. The success of has not only made Richard Liu Qiangdong a notable figure in China’s corporate world but has also made him a billionaire with a net worth of $11 billion.

Liu Qiangdong has also been recognized by the “Business of Fashion Top Performing Businessmen of 2018”. An award that is very well deserved by Richard Liu Qiangdong. It is a reflection of his consistency and excellence in his business.

At only 44 years old, Liu Qiangdong’s  fortunes makes him one of the richest young business executives in China and the world in large. However, building Qiangdong’s e-commerce empire was an uphill task and a battle of wills as he had to overcome a myriad of challenges. As Richard Liu recounted in an interview at the World Economic Forum (forum), there were rough times that tested his willpower and aptitude but his innovative mind saved the day. Much to the dismay of an enchanted audience at the WeForum, Liu Qiangdong narrated his brush with foreclosure during the SARS outbreak in 2003. The SARS outbreak spelt doom to Liu’s budding business because it meant that employees and customers would not interact without contracting the virus.

At the time, Richard Liu Qiangdong’sbusiness consisted of 12 stores in Beijing, where he sold magneto-products and computers parts. He had started the enterprise in 1998 by opening 1 store and had managed to expand to 12 stores by 2003 when the disastrous outbreak occurred. Upon the SARS outbreak, Liu had to close the 12 stores and decided to operate from 1 store. However, this was highly ineffective and Richard Liu had to think beyond the obvious to save his business. View Additional Info Here.

Subsequently, Richard Liu Qiangdong decided to take his business online and he, therefore, formed Today, is one of China’s most efficient e-retailer, delivering more than half of their orders within 6 hours and 97% within a day. Richard Liu Qiangdong is an alumnus of the Renmin University of China where he studied Sociology and also holds an EMBA from the China Europe International Business School. Before starting Jingdong, Richard Liu worked as the Head of Computers and Head of Business at Japan Life.




Who Is Ashley Lightspeed

To be an architect just like her father is what Ashley Lightspeed envisioned when she was growing up. She enjoyed in her childhood age to accompany her father in their workstation where they sketched ideas and then made them real. Her craftsman and prototyping expertise can be traced back to her young age. It is amazing that today she has pivoted away from architecture but all the same she is now more involved in creation of the tomorrow of the business world. Follow Ashley Lightspeed on Twitter.

Growth and education

Ashley Lightspeed is a well-educated woman. She is a holder of master’s degree of business administration from Stanford University. She is also a degree holder of B.A visual and media studies, markets and management as well as in urban planning from Duke and Harvard University respectively. This is where she acquired the necessary skills to go along with her personal abilities.

Career and work

Success, creativity, determination is what can be used to define her almost perfect career. Before she joined Lightspeed Venture, she had worked with some big firms in USA. These firms include Bain and Company where she worked as associate consultant, Thumbtack Company where she worked as category manager. She is currently with Lightspeed Venture where she works with early stage startup businesses.


Ashley Lighthouse can be referred to as a powerhouse in herself. She possesses skills that make her to stand out. They include; the extensive knowledge she has and her love for coming up with new products, her unique and creative mind, her ability to spot and create a trend that picks and last long and finally her ability of a keen insight, seeing the invisible. These skills give her the ability to drive Lightspeed Venture without sweat. She tackles challenges as she lives her dream. For more information about Ashley Lightspeed, click here:

Sharon Prince Takes On Neo-Slavery


Established in 2009, the Grace Farms Foundations is a non-profit center that moves to support and advance arts, community, faith, and justice initiatives. This center and its vision is spearheaded by Chair and President Sharon Prince. Through her work with the foundation, Sharon Prince has fought hard and well to end child exploitation, human trafficking, and violence against women locally and nationally.

In October 2018, the foundation announced a “Memorandum of Understanding” with the country of Georgia to set up practices and bring awareness to one of the world’s biggest and neglected problems; contemporary slavery.” Contemporary slavery, also referred to as neo-slavery, is institutional slavery. An employer compelling workers to pay off debts through labor is one example. Other examples demonstrate a gender based prejudice as well. Grace Farm Foundations collaborates with Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze and the greater Georgian government to produce licensing procedures and further fuel social change. They’ll also reassess and re-approach these institutional frameworks to ensure that supply chains of food, tech, and agriculture are more ethical.

”Developing comprehensive strategies and partnerships that disrupt and combat human trafficking and gender-based violence are critical to our mission,” Sharon Prince states, “We live in a world where there must be a universal commitment to take action against these destructive forces. That’s why it’s a privilege to enter into this MOU with Unchain and the country of Georgia.” This partnership with the Georgian government further demonstrates this as they strive for better business models and more awareness of this problem.

President of Unchain and Justice Initiative Director at Grace Farms Foundation Krishna Patel is very excited to work with the Prime Minister as well as the country of Georgia to work towards a better business model and raise awareness of this problem. Read This Article to learn more.