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Rosann Bennett Brings Canine Comfort To Therapy


Rosann Bennett established the Center for Assessment and Treatment to meet the outpatient therapy needs patients in New Jersey. Established in 2010, the Center for Assessment and Treatment seeks to help patients of all backgrounds come to grips with the difficult events in their lives and establish a sense of peace, and in addition to Rosann Bennett’s blog and treatment resources, The Center for Assessment and Treatment has added a new tool to its mental health arsenal, a therapy dog named Jack.


Canine Assisted Therapy is a complementary practice to traditional therapy. The use of animals in a therapeutic setting is based upon the biophilia theory developed by Edward O. Wilson, who believed that people naturally seek a connection with nature, and will respond positively to other animals. Within a therapy setting, a certified therapy dog can be a comforting presence by providing a physical touch and a calming presence and can often reduce patient stress, curb their anxiety, and give traditional therapies a gentle push.


Canine Assisted Therapy has shown effectiveness in patients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Attention Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and Rosann Bennett is excited to bring Canine Assisted Therapy and Jack into the practice. Becoming a therapy dog isn’t easy and requires many months of specific training after traditional obedience classes. Jack, after a lot of work, earned his certificate in July and has been excited to get to work. Read This Article for related information.


When not at the Center, Jack lives with Rosann and Todd Bennett, playing with their own child and has become an integral part of their family. Keeping Jack well socialized with children will bring an extra tool for struggling children and their families and allow Rosann Bennett and the Center for Assessment and Treatment to successfully help more patients.


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Roseann Bennett: How To Create A Friendly Environment For Women In The Workplace


Roseann Bennett has a special mission in her career life. She wants all women to have a place in the workplace and gain the respect accorded to the men employees. When a woman is empowered, according to Roseann Bennett, women have been in the corporate world for some time now, and they have changed the industry in the most positive way. Although there has been a significant change, the corporate department is still dominated by men, and the number of men in the department shows that women need to be well represented. More than sixty percent of the women in the women in the world are working and employment, a number that was half in the fifties.

To make sure that more women are sending more applications, Roseann Bennett believes that are things that all organizations should do. Here are some of the changes that should be implemented:

All companies should firmly enforce and adopt a policy that does not tolerate violence or any sexual harassment. In the business world, women are subjected to violence and harassment, and this makes them stay home without looking for employment. Organizations can change this situation by adopting laws that will restrain men from harassing and violating the women who have chosen to work in various companies. Go To This Page for additional information.


Anti discrimination informational programs should be developed too

After stating in all the laws that discrimination is not acceptable in a company, it is crucial also to hold various workshops so that you can educate everyone about harassment. When employees are well educated, they will know their rights, and they will understand the boundaries they should never cross. Being a CEO of The Center for Assessment and Treatment herself, Roseann Bennett believes that the company leaders have a role to play in the kind of behaviors from all the company workers. When the management is strict concerning the women in an organization, other people will respect the laws and adhere to them always.



OSI Food Solution Features On Top 100 Companies And British Safety Council Awards

OSI food solutions, the Aurora-based food processor, was recently honored for its adherence to environmental management. The company was feted with the prestigious Globe oh Honor Award by the British safety council that hailed its environmental consciousness in its factory operations and waste disposal. According to the council, the international food processing and distribution company played was awarded in appreciating of the role it plays in placing environmental safety at the core of its operations.

Not the first time

This, however, wouldn’t be the first time the OSI food solutions UK outpost was receiving this accolade as it had also scooped the 2013 and 2015 globe of honor awards. It was a testament to the great value OSI company places towards environmental conservation and appreciation of the role a safe environment plays towards the success and sustainability of a brand. The award was in appreciation of the company’s production facility in Scunthorpe that has consistently served the United Kingdom market with beef and pork products since its establishment in 1989.

Making it to America’s 100 list

Apart from scooping international awards in Europe, OSI food solutions ranked fairly on the American top 100 companies list. The food company that boasts of over $6.1 Billion in annual was ranked position 58 by Forbes on America’s largest private companies list.

Some of the factors ensuring that OSI food solutions made it to the top 100 companies list included its impressive global network of processing facilities, number of employees and the wide array of products on offer. Today OSI food has established a global foothold with a solid presence in over 17 countries where they have either set up or acquired over 65 production facilities. And while it started as a beef company, it has gradually evolved to include virtually all types of meats on its production list.

Solid reputation

OSI food solutions also score highly in customer satisfaction that finds its base in a deep-rooted organization culture established during its establishment. Ideally, the company commits to the delivery of the highest quality products to its customers. This endears it to its global clientele with Sheldon Lavin, the current chairman, and CEO attributing it to the rapid growth the company experienced in the past few decades.

Stream Energy Pulls Through For Their Customers

Stream Energy has done all that they can and then some to make sure its customers understand that they are cared for. The company has pulled some strings to make sure that they could do some charitable work down in the Houston area. In order to get this off the ground and running in the first place they had to team up with Hope Supply Co.

The two companies have been working on providing aid to those most in need in Houston. Stream Energy saw that people down there were seriously impacted by the results of Hurricane Harvey. Many throughout the nation were able to turn away from the news coverage as the story changed to other things over time, but those in the immediate area did not have that luxury. They had to figure out how to put their entire life back together from scratch. It has not been easy to say the least.

Stream Energy wanted to try to help out those in the area by providing them with some of the basics in life that you need when a crisis strikes. This includes things such as baby diapers, clothing, food, water, and more. These essentials are taken for granted in most of American society, but not when there is a serious crisis brewing. When people are without these items in their lives they really start to feel the impacts. It can be truly devastating to try to move through life without your essentials.

Charities do what they can to try to help, but there is no question that they appreciate the work that Stream Energy and others like them do to help with the situation as well. It is only when everyone is working together like this that the big things really get done. It is so wonderful that all of these components have been able to pull together in the right direction on this particular issue at the moment. Hopefully cooperation will continue into the future. The people of Houston and other disaster areas definitely need the assistance from wherever they can get it as soon as possible.

Anthony Constantinou


Anthony Constantinou is an English educator who serves as the lecturer assistant professor and is the head of Bayesian Artificial Intelligence at Queen Mary University of London. As someone gets heavily involved in academics, sports, economics, and much more, Constantinou makes it clear according to his official LinkedIn profile that he goes out of his way to collaborate with other important industrial organizations around the world.

With an impressive resume that he has created for himself, it’s one of the reasons why Constantinou is a considered a well-respected professor from the United Kingdom, with having almost a decade of educational experience.

In his career stint in regards of working in education, he’s had multiple roles throughout his life when working for the Queen Mary University of London. These include Ph.D researcher, teaching assistant, post-doctoral research fellow, assistant professor and lecturer in Machine Learning and Data Mining, and being Head of the Bayesian AI Lab.

People can also get more information about his work on his official main website that was set for himself called, which features important research he has done in different subjects. See Related Link to learn more.

As Anthony Constantinou worked at the Queen Mary University of London for over nine years, he’s had plenty of other advanced jobs in his experience in education. Jobs such as consultant in Rating Systems and Bayesian Networks, associate consultant, and decision scientist. Anthony Constantinou also pointed out his background in military, as it was stated in his LinkedIn resume that he served in the Greek Cypriot National Guard as a solider.


With all the success Anthony Constantinou has achieved in education, his accomplishments can be seen as influential to some people who have serious goals in academics. Someone like Anthony Constantinou can definitely be looked as a motivational factor into succeeding in not just academics, but in anything for that matter.


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Robert Ivy: Using Professional Society Platforms to Provide Learning Materials and Tools to the Members of the Society

Professional societies don’t only provide networking and credibility to their members but they are also becoming highly engaged in training their members. They have assembled data and tools that are helpful in providing educational tips to their members. Some professions require constant learning so that individuals with that career can have the up to date knowledge and capability of performing duties in a particular manner. Professional bodies that understand more about their field of work have been hiring researchers who conduct both primary and secondary and come up with data that members of the society can familiarize with.

The organizations have gone further to develop learning platforms such as the society websites where members can easily access learning materials and equip themselves with knowledge and skills about the current trends in the industry. However, the data on the website can only be accessed by the registered members of the organization. Each member of the society is provided with login details, which they use to access the learning materials on the website. Others go ahead and make private social platforms where only the members of the society will be able to access the learning materials posted on the platform.

Monthly Newsletters have also become common tools for providing sufficient knowledge to the members of a particular society. Most of the professional societies have a monthly newsletter that is automatically sent to the members of the society at the end of each month. Some newsletters can be after three months or an agreed period. Besides providing sufficient information about the progress of the society, the newsletters contain information that is made to meet the specific needs of members of a particular society. Visit

About Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is a registered architect who currently heads the American Institute of Architects as the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of the organization at the same time. He has a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in English and a Master’s in Architecture. Robert Ivy has played a key role in helping the AIA expand and become a relevant professional society in the industry. The organization has more than 87, 890 registered members including Robert Ivy, who is the CEO. Follow him on Twitter

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Roseann Bennett Champions Importance Of Therapy At Prominent Clinic


Roseann Bennett has been working in the marriage counseling and family therapy world for over a decade. As a professional in this important and underrated environment, Bennett knows just how much of an impact her work can have on families that are in need. With that being said, Roseann Bennett also knows how hard it is for families to get the help that they so desperately require.

After working as an inpatient therapist, Bennett was confronted with the realities of therapy scheduling outside of her work. Bennett noticed that some patients would be stuck on a waiting list for upwards of six to eight months and that simply wouldn’t do. So, Bennett went out of her way to make a lasting change by establishing the Center for Assessment and Treatment.

Bennett established the Center for Assessment and Treatment in 2010 though she began working on the concept in 2009. The charitable organization works to bring family and marriage counseling to those people who are in desperate need. Bennett prides herself on the ability to offer direct care even if her patients cannot afford to pay for it. For Bennett, this job is more than just a job — it is a life-changing sequence of events that she can bring to people who are in need of her help.

Bennett knows that getting the Center for Assessment and Treatment up and running wouldn’t be easy, but she perhaps didn’t realize how difficult it could be. Bennett furnished the company herself with spare furniture from her home before taking on 6 day work weeks that spanned 11 or so hours in the building. Bennett’s enthusiasm for her work and her passion for helping people allowed her the peace of mind to work past this incredibly tough workload and that was all she needed in order to establish a base of operations in New Jersey that is saving and changing lives on a daily basis. Go To This Page for related information.


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Jeunesse Promotes Focus and Memory Functions

How Does Jeunesse Help Improve Memory Function?

Have you ever noticed that it gets more difficult to focus on tedious tasks as the work day drags on? Do you struggle to recall names of people you have met or other basic details of past events? Jeunesse has delivered a healthy, proactive solution with its M1ND supplements that support healthy focus and memory functions. Instead of exploring prescription options for improving memory and concentration, customers all over the world are experiencing the positive effects of Jeunesse’s M1ND supplements to live a fuller and more satisfying life.

This powerful dietary supplement incorporates proteins called CERA-Q, which are derived from cocoons of silkworms. Hydrolysate forms the basis of Jeunesse’s M1ND dietary supplements and has been shown in clinical trials to help with remembering facts, names and words more readily. It is a pleasant surprise that the daily supplement is actually fun to eat thanks to its lemon meringue flavor. You can take the supplements on the go in smaller travel packets at the beginning of each day. Some people take an additional dose later in the day to enjoy extended benefits, but you should not take more than three packets of M1ND supplements a day. Just imagine how much more productive your day will be with fewer distractions and a more active memory function. The possibilities with M1ND supplements are endless.

Some Background on Jeunesse

Jeunesse is an international company that has been going strong since its founding by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray in 2009. This health and beauty direct selling business was established with the mission of helping as many people as possible to live a youthful and positive lifestyle through effective products that combat the aging process. Jeunesse now offers a diverse spectrum of health and beauty products designed to make you look and feel your best and brightest. Customers depend on the personal experience of Jeunesse representatives to create their ideal health and beauty regimen.

Guilherme Paulus: Newest Latin American Billionaire

Forbes Magazine has released their newest issue, highlighting the list of the wealthiest people on the planet. Old billionaires were expected to be on the list, but what came as a surprise would be the addition of new names. One of them was Guilherme Paulus, who became a billionaire thanks to the growing tourism industry in Brazil. He is the founder of the CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. Right after Brazil hosted the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, Brazil experienced an increase in the number of foreign tourists arriving in the country. Guilherme Paulus took advantage of the tourist influx, and after careful planning and management, he reaped the benefits of being in the tourism industry and he was named as the newest billionaire from Brazil, with a net worth of $1 billion.

The booming tourism industry of Brazil is expected to grow further, thanks to their exposure from films and music to international sporting events. Last year, more than 6 million foreign tourists arrived in the country, and the trend states that more people will be visiting the country in the years to come. The high crime rate in the country does not stop the foreigners from visiting. The country offers a unique culture and tradition, history, and cuisine, which are the primary factors why tourists keep on visiting.

His interest in doing business started when he was a teenager. Before he reached 20 years old, the young Guilherme Paulus decided to join IBM and become one of their interns. He was taught with the basic skills that one has to master if they wanted a career in the business sector. In 1972, he co-founded the CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A., along with a local politician, who left the company four years later. Guilherme Paulus single-handedly managed the company, and he used the knowledge he got from IBM to successfully manage the company. He established the GJP Hotels and Resorts in 2005, adding more profit to his business empire.

Dherb Full Body Cleanse Helps Restore Your Body to Homeostatic State

Your body has many natural processes that helps it to remain in balance. However, with the amount of pollutants and toxins that we inhale, ingest, and add topically to our skin, no wonder we feel terrible much of the time. Most of our bodies can’t maintain homeostasis and keep up with the negative impacts our environments (and choices can make).

That is why Dherbs full body cleanse is an essential part to your routine. It works with all of your different bodily systems, including waste elimination, to ensure that your heart, lungs, liver, blood and more are running at peak performance. You no longer have to wait for your body to slowly eliminate for all of the toxins that you are absorbing; you now have a cleanse that will speed along the process getting you back to feeling better than ever- faster!

This full body cleanse will help you to eliminate the toxins from your blood, which will improve your skin, increase your oxygen levels, and the network of capillaries and arteries that are essential for good cardiovascular health. Other positive benefits include improved function in your kidneys and bowls, which Dherbs can been linked to increased weight loss due to the improved ability for the body to release toxic compounds with its natural botanical and activated charcoal compounds.

Why take several different pills or shakes, which many of them can be toxic when put together, when you can just use Dherbs full body cleanse to clear your body of the pollutants they have been exposed to and increase the performance of all your bodily systems. Hundreds of individuals have taken the twenty-day cleanse with extraordinary results, and their bodies have restored themselves to the best possible condition.

Trying Dherbs might be the best possible solution for your system. If you are looking to feel better, perform better and to get your body feeling the way that it should, trying this full body cleanse may be the key element that you have been seeking.

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