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Talkspace: An Interesting Development in Mental Health

Talkspace is an impressive application that was launched to modernize the approach to tackling and combating mental issues. The software application managed to raise the interest of the public in taking up a psychological therapy. The world today is driven to transform everything from analog to digital, and with the rise of smartphones, communication became easier and are taken for granted. The existence of a front camera on most smartphone models makes it easier for an individual to see the person they are speaking with who is on the other line. The creator of Talkspace realized that if the same technology were applied to the traditional therapy sessions, the effect would be phenomenal.

When the software application was released to the public, only a few people became interested in what the program can do. The creator of Talkspace had to promote the software application that he made, and explained to the public how it could change the way they look into visits to the therapists. The sudden changes in the field of technology opened a way for us to communicate using new techniques and devices, and in return, it also helped us innovate the old practices that were used to do. Online therapy is now a thing, thanks to the innovation that was introduced by Talkspace. The creator of the software program revealed that it started as a small app that allowed chatting, but he saw that the app has great potential, so he tweaked it a little.

Today, Talkspace is known for its capability to speak with a therapist, and far from the usual group chat activities held within its digital realm, the goofy conversations made by college students in the past are now replaced with serious conversations between a patient and their therapists. According to the therapists who joined the software application, they are happy that they can provide services to their patients even if they are located miles away. They have also lauded the app’s features, saying that allowing their patients to send images, videos, music, and other forms of multimedia made it easier for them to say what they wanted to say.

Herbalife takes on Fashion in a fierce way

Herbalife nutrition is launching a competition that will be part of an advanced college study program at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise also abbreviated as FIDM. The criteria are that the students selected must produce an activewear line and present it in a way that coincides with an active and healthy lifestyle. The students are challenged to bring out the ideals and values that Herbalife has embodied since its inception through fashion.


Herbalife has been promoting a healthy way of living and wellness since 1980. They offer a plethora of products to coincide with the lifestyle of health and wellness. They offer weight-loss shakes, vitamins/nutritional supplements, meal plans, as well as skin and beauty items. Therefore, the competitors have their hands pretty full when it comes to coming up with an activewear line can depict what Herbalife is all about through the art of fashion. However, with the gleaming reputation that FIDM holds, there would be no better school to be up for the challenge.


With The Fashion Institute of Design in Merchandise being one of the top fashion design schools in the industry, it is no surprise why they may have been selected for the challenge. More than 15 pupils were selected and then divided into groups. They must incorporate the Herbalife theme and colors into their fashion production to make them a functional representation of what the everyday lifestyle of a person acting on the go living an herbal life. Moreover, the students must be up for the challenge of creating their own individual designs as part of the criteria for the competition.


The Fashion Institute of Design in merchandise was founded in 1969 and has gone on to be one of the leading institutes in the fashion industry, which is why for over the past two decades they have been selected to partner with brands that are global for design. FIDM has grown to become a school with thousands of students and tens of thousands of graduates working in the field of fashion, and these individuals can attribute their expertise to the fashion institute and design in merchandise. As I am sure they do, with much dignity and pride.

Charlamagne Tha God, Radio And Television Producer


Charlamagne is the cohost of hip-hop iHeart radio program. He is participating in songs and movies production. He was born on June 29, 1978, and brought up in South Carolina. Today, Charlamagne is one of the unique and compelling media personality. He is a radio presenter. In the week in jams, he is a VJ together with DJ Envy.

In 2015, charlamagne began hosting uncommon sense which is an MTV2 show. During his internship program at the radio station, he became the second mic to Wendy Williams who is a radio host.

In 2010, Charlamagne started to host The Breakfast Club together with other two colleagues in the city of New York

In 2011, he was acting as one of the members in Guy code. Guy code is a show in the television that familiarizes people with a special behavior particularly for men. The show came to an end in March 2015.

In 2017, Charlamagne had already a published book the Black Privilege. His book contains positive reviews. It explains Black privilege as a street-smart self-help guide. His book was ranked number six on May 7, 2017, in New York Times list of best – selling hardback non- fiction.

Charlamagne told Esquire that it’s always cool when someone gets immortalized on records. He was happy because he had reached the point where rappers are who can rap say their names are in the records without considering whether it is a diss or not. On his part, life is great.


Charlamagne Tha God likes Kamikaze. He thinks Kamikaze is good. He explains that Eminem is one of the greatest rappers of all time and also a living legend. He is also one of the greatest lyricists ever.

He explains that what he thinks about the new album of Eminem including the rappers Trump bashing and the usage of homophobic slurs against Tyler, the creator who was said to be bisexual openly on his album by the name Flower boy.  Click Here to learn more.


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Vinod Gupta Entrepreneurship Journey


Vinod Gupta is one of the most famous entrepreneurs in the database technology. His success is backed up by the knowledge of information technology which he acquired in the University of Nebraska. His father motivated him to take advantage of education to secure his future and explore the world with excellent success. He got employed at a local mobile manufacturing company, and that is where he identified a market gap that marked the first step of his entrepreneurial journey. The company he operated in lacked database knowledge where he created one with the aid of 100 dollars. Vinod Gupta’s creativity led to the emergence of his first company known as American Business Information which was later named InfoGroup and sold at 680 million dollars.


After gaining more knowledge and information in his field of interest, he ventured into a family owned business, currently the Everest group. Gupta acknowledges that this investment is not easy to manage, but through his zeal and dedication to his work, the industry is booming. He recommends employee remuneration, attaining customer satisfaction, staff training and keeping up with the technological advancements as some of the significant factors that sustain the performance of the new venture. See This Article to learn more.


Vinod Gupta also identifies companies that are performing poorly and fills the gaps they require, which is a technological achievement. The managing general partner seeks to meet the global demand for database technology to maintain relevance and marketability amongst other competitors across the globe. His target for future entrepreneurs is the youth whom he offers training opportunities in the company through an internship. He attributes his success to understanding the goals and objectives of the company and being able to implement them without losing focus. Gupta insists that risk-taking is a critical element and anybody willing to make the best out of any venture should be a risk taker.


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Ted Bauman advice to investors

Ted Bauman was born in Washington D.C and was raised in Maryland. He moved to South Africa at a young age and graduated from the University of Cape Town with postgraduate degrees in both History and Economics. While in South Africa he worked in the nonprofit sector serving executive roles but mainly worked as a fund manager.

Ted Bauman worked on low-cost housing projects, and an example of such is the Slum Dwellers International. He has served with Habitat for Humanity which has seen him travel all over Latin America and the Caribbean.

He is the current editor at Banyan Hill Publishing and also a writer. He is a specialist in asset protection and low-risk investment strategies.

He has appeared in many journals worldwide and has researched while also writing for the United Nation, the World Bank, some European nonprofit agencies and even the government of South Africa.

He writes and edits three blogs at Banyan Hill including the Bauman letter which he has suggested some strategies for disaster-proofing one’s valuables. The other two are Alpha Stock Alert and Plan B Club.

Ted Bauman informs investors on ways to protect their assets. He advised in the case of rules based selling strategies such as opportunity cost sell and valuation level sell which could cause an unexpected crash of stocks; investors should not succumb to panic in such times.

When such crisis occurs it has been shown previously that investors who hold on to their shares or those who consider buying additional shares may experience much better returns as compared to those who sold and lost their money. He also advises investors that planning for the future is crucial. One should focus more on making a substantial investment strategy.

Regarding safeguarding of investments, some of the strategies Ted Bauman emphasizes on is the creation of a wall of protection on investments by creating a protective plan since it is risky not to develop a defensive strategy.

Another way is by investing in bonds and stocks. Bonds offer monthly dividends as compared to stock markets where one is not sure of profits or gains. Bonds are remained protected when loss of value in stocks occurs when there is a crash in stock markets.

How CEO Jeff Aronin Of Paragon Biosciences Is Advancing The Field Of Healthcare

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jeff Aronin of Paragon Biosciences has established a long career in the healthcare industry. His company incubates healthcare companies, and also invests in them, with a focus on startups that are looking to provide cures for diseases that are not being adequately addressed. He believes that everyone with a disease should have a cure available to them. Among the types of companies Jeff Aronin has helped develop on those looking for medications to treat immune system diseases, central nervous system disorders, and rare genetic dermatologic conditions.

Jeff Aronin came up with a simple and effective process to develop healthcare products. The first thing that the team at Paragon Biosciences does is identify a disease where there needs to be a cure found but any treatment is either scarce or nonexistent. He then creates a startup focused on that need which will research it and perform clinical trials. He puts in place an infrastructure around these companies that has the necessary resources and people to get them to succeed.

He has been very successful at what he does. Jeff Aronin’s companies have achieved 13 FDA approvals so far in the past 10 years. This is a rate of success that only the largest pharmaceutical companies have attained. He credits his team and the processes that they follow for this success.

Among the companies that Jeff Aronin has as part of his portfolio is Harmony Biosciences. This business is dedicated to addressing sleep and central nervous system disorders. Another one is Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals. This company is using its resources to address the needs of patients who have unmet dermatological conditions. Jeff Aronin is also invested in Precision BP which is trying to solve a number of rare genetic oncology diseases.

Beyond starting new businesses, Paragon Biosciences under Jeff Aronin’s leadership is helping out other organizations in the healthcare industry. This includes providing financial support to nonprofit organizations which are addressing the healthcare needs of the community in which they operate. His company also engages in education, community development, and aiding in the advance of disease research.



Johanan Rand Has Spread His Success Around

Johanan Rand founded the Healthy Aging Medical Center and is a reputable rehabilitation doctor that has practiced for many years in physical medicine. Johanan is a former student of New York’s Einstein Medicine Center as well, where he learned much of the skills he uses in his practice today. Johanan peer-reviews medicine and has made considerable contributions in his industry to help hundreds of people over the years. Johanan is not only passionate about his work but he is optimistic and always doing research to work on the latest industry innovations. Not only has Johanan achieved his goals for success today, but he regularly consults and gives his advice to others so they can achieve their career goals as well.


On top of his work as a doctor, Johanan is an author as well, regularly taking his time to write down what he knows about his practice and how it can improve to help more people in the future. As always, Johanan is a thorough researcher and always backs up his information for his readers.


Johanan has been described by many as being humble and understanding to what his patients need. This is a valuable trait for a doctor to have, putting his patient’s concerns first so they feel comfortable and in good hands. On top of his medical expertise, Johnanan is also very knowledgeable when it comes to general health and fitness and he tries to be a role model for his clients and colleagues. Rand has been motivated since he was young to be successful, so it has not been difficult for him to stay committed to his goals.


Rand is currently working on a new book to release to his readers titled, It is too late to live past 100. Johanan is compiling a lot of his knowledge as well as new research on career advancement to offer entrepreneurs and individuals aspiring to be successful with some helpful information and methods for staying goal oriented.



Stansberry Research: How to Make Sure Your Portfolio Earns an ‘A

Stansberry Research is a leading independent financial research company that specializes in offering unbiased intelligence to self-driven investors. Most of the clients that the company serves include the investors searching for an edge in a broad range of areas and market conditions. Stansberry works with professionals who are skilled in producing a steady stream of timely research covering various topics like value investing, maximizing revenue, resources and, medical technology.


Stansberry Research’s remorseless and uncompromised perception of the market trends and analysis has helped it to be one of the most valued and sought-after research agencies in the financial field. Established in 1999 and situated in Baltimore, Stansberry Research has almost 24 analyst and researchers comprising ex-hedge fund managers and purchase-side financial professionals. All these experts strive to publish exclusive insights to over 350000 personal subscribers in over 100 nations.


As an investor, you need to understand how you can make an A-plus investment in your portfolio. Additionally, you must know how to test for both the weaknesses and strengths for you to know where to put more effort. Here are some of the steps to follow to analyze your investment outcome.


Establishing clear investment goals


Note that your methodology to investment strategies will differ significantly if your primary objective is conserving your wealth versus aggressively growing your long-term investment portfolio. This means that you must establish realistic and attainable goals for you to have a goal-oriented investment plan.


Do your homework and stick to the plan


Doing extensive research will help you know what you possess and why. Having an extensive knowledge of what you know will motivate and empower you to make informed decisions. This is especially essential during the period of intensified market anxiety and ravenousness. However, you need to stick to the plan for this step to help you. This implies purchasing securities that suit your objectives.


Make sure you invest in any venture when you are sure that an excellent opportunity will present itself. Additionally, you need to be disciplined when it comes to selling out. Make sure you get out once you attain your goals and when the reason you purchases becomes invalid.



Asset Protection from Ted BAuman

Ted Bauman is currently employed with Banyan Hill Publishing and his areas of expertise are writing about safe investment strategies and how to protect your wealth. He has spent his lifetime building a solid resume. He started out in his younger years getting a taste of what it was like to work physically hard and to be a member of the working class. He would work at fast food restaurants and gas stations and learned what it was like to get criticism and flak from his superiors. Working in these humble jobs instilled in him the belief that society must look out for the poor in society, as well as the affluent.

Ted Bauman left the United States as a young man and emigrated to South Africa. He attended the University of Cape Town and obtained an economics degree. He would spend twenty-five years in South Africa taking on many executive roles for nonprofit companies. One of his efforts he is well known for was he helped start Slum Dwellers International, which continues to help millions around the world.

After his years in South Africa, he returned to the United States where he now writes for Banyan Hill Publishing. His work has been printed in well-reputable journals in many counties and he has even provided research services to the United Nations. Currently, he publishes the Bauman letter and recently wrote about ways that people can protect their assets form a disaster. The article was inspired by a relative who had passed away but kept many of their assets stored at their home.

Ted Bauman had noticed that his relative did not properly safeguard their valuables and the relative was lucky that they had not been robbed. He did, however, agree with his deceased relative to keep some assets out of the bank. If a country is in trouble financially, they can require banks to seize your assets. Ted Bauman advises people to have a fireproof safety box at home to store some cash, precious metals or other valuables in case there is a situation where a bank confiscates an individual’s assets.

OSI Food Solutions Will Keep You Stocked and Ready

OSI Food Solutions was named as one of America’s Top 100 Food Companies recently, and one of the main reasons why is the versatility of the company. Many food companies focus on providing foods that meet a specific need for their customers. OSI Food Solutions realizes that their clients might have a variety of needs though. This is why the company will provide anything from raw product to pre-portioned cooked product. OSI Food Solutions will trim your raw meats perfectly to have them prepared for stove top or grill preparation in the restaurant for you to customize as you wish. If you have a smaller staff and just looking to heat and serve food for your customers, OSI Food Solutions will meet that need as well.

OSI Food Solutions knows your reputation is key, and as displayed by winning the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council, they emphasize food safety. Products are prepared in a clean environment and packaged immediately. OSI even monitors reports from their clients and tracks the process from start to finish to determine where any improvements in food safety and sanitation can be made to produce a high quality product at affordable prices.

Some companies perform annual audits for their food safety and production processes. OSI doesn’t want to wait up to a year or possibly longer to discover areas where they can improve. The company realizes that their clients rely on the quality of their food, so OSI surveys their clients as well as performs internal audits four times every year. This allows processes to be modified and improved as an ongoing part of their business instead of as a reactive process. Quality is something OSI takes great pride in, as the higher the quality the happier their clients are, which results in steady and improving sales.