Month: February 2018

Business Strategist Gregory Aziz and National Steel Car

Business strategy is a hard thing to master. Not only do you have to know about the business and industry, but you also have to think of thousands of different possible outcomes that may result in the decisions you make. You also need to consider the effect of these decisions on several stakeholders, including the owners of the business, the employees, the customers, the suppliers, and many more. Because of all these different things to think about, there are only a few minds in business that have truly mastered this ability, and one of those people is Gregory James Aziz.


Gregory J. Aziz is currently the CEO and Chairman of National Steel Car, a railroad rolling stock manufacturer located in Hamilton, Ontario. Aziz has spent the greater part of his life picking companies up out of the mud and delivering them to places of great distinction in their respective industries. He has shown his ability time and time again of being able to work with the business environment to create a new strategy that enables the businesses to thrive.


1 When he purchased National Steel Car in 1994 under the name Imperial Steel Car, Greg Aziz did not know what he was getting himself into. The company had been around for nearly a century, but after going through several dips in the business due to the increase of trucking transportation over rail transportation, National Steel Car was not in a good place. Previous owners wanted to recoup their losses instead of trying to bring NSC back to life, so they stripped the company of capital and sold and resold it several times over. This created a messy internal structure and a company without the means to build railcars to the specifications needed by modern railroads. Aziz changed all of this.


Knowing that the industry now required more high-quality railcars less than low-cost railcars, Aziz put the focus of the company on engineering and design. Aziz knew that if he was able to deliver a few high-quality cars at a modest price to customers, he would be able to win several of them back and gain a new customer base. He also knew that this would open the door to more sales in farther parts of Canada, as well as gain recognition in the United States. This strategy worked, and National Steel Car is back on top in the industry.


Greg Aziz is one of those special people that are able to take something that seems like it is going to die and bring it back to life. His secret weapon is a well-manicured business strategy. Read This Article for additional information.

Madison Street Capital Fuels Growth for Future

One of the most important industries in the world today is the corporate finance and investment banking industry. This industry is responsible for putting together transactions that are used to help companies grow and continue to improve the global economy. While this industry is normally dominated by some of the largest firms in the world, one organization has continued to show that they are able to grow and develop despite being very young in age.


One of the top firms in the world today is Madison Street Capital. While Madison Street Capital has only been in business for about 10 years, the company is continuing to grow and develop in reputation. Madison Street Capital is based in Chicago and has continued to bring in some of the most talented employees from the industry. Today, Madison Street Capital is heavily focused on the M&A and corporate finance industry. In this industry, the company is able to help clients obtain the capital that they need to make strategic investments and purchases of other companies in their field.


While many clients and advisors already knew that Madison Street Capital was one of the best firms in the industry, the company has recently received more official recognition. Madison Street Capital was considered one of the biggest winners of the national M&A Advisor awards that took place this past November in New York City. At the M&A Advisor Awards, Madison Street Capital was named a finalist and nominee for a number of the most prestigious awards that are given out.


One of the biggest awards that is given out every year is the Debt Financing Deal of the Year. The Debt Financing Deal of the Year is given to the firm that is able to put together the top debt deal every year. This year, Madison Street Capital was named the winner of the award due to the transaction that they were able to put together for WLR Automotive. The transaction winner is not only determined based on size, but also based on the value that it creates for the client.


Beyond the Debt Financing Deal of the Year, Madison Street Capital was also named a nominee for a number of other awards. While they did not end up winning, they were also considered a finalist for the Firm of the Year Award for companies that are in the same size range as Madison Street Capital.


Using the recent success of the firm, Madison Street Capital will likely look to continue to grow. This will include bringing in more people from the outside and also by looking for new areas that they can grow in. This will help to further diversify the company and improve its reputation.


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